Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some Items in the Mail this Week!

It's been exhausting, but we made it thru another week! Here are some things that I was able to pick up at the Post Office!
 Since getting a cute Unoa Lite, I decided to get some Momoko shoes thru the Petworks Global Online shop!! Found a cute pair of blue Gaucho pants, and two pairs of shoes!
 Always wanted to get a pair of ballet flats above, and loafers below...
 Then, thru ebay I decided to get this cheap Bratz Kidz for her fashions to see if they might fit my MMS!!? Tops fit, and some skirts only...still it will be nice on Charlotte!
 Then, I also received the small packet from Yahoo Japan, more pairs of momoko shoes I can't find from the Global store, but cheaper thru YJA, and a anime mermaid board book!

 I love the sneakers above and they fit Unoa Lite nicely with the small feet in. I have yet to try the ones below?! I wanted them in case I decide to dress my Unoa in a cute petticoat and fancy dress!

 Lovely "Mermaid Princess" book. I like the 70s look of the anime characters and this story has a boy mermaid in it too!!

 Now, just need to have it translated!! Still cute and Sara already claims its hers!!LOL
 Handsome male mermaid dreamy!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Very Busy These Days...

Oh my goodness, I'm so behind on my blog the past few days... You see, my sister in-law is in the hospital the past two weeks now. She gave birth a week ago, to my brother's first baby girl. He has 4 boys, and sadly, she ended up having an emergency surgery for a hole in her small intestine! To make a long story short, I'm taking care of thei new born baby girl, while Mommy is still at the hospital recovering, along with Daddy who doesn't want to leave her side!

I've forgotten the lack of sleep you get having a newborn in the house!!LOL

So, in the mail a few things came in that I got thru ebay and YJA that I've wanted to share with you, but couldn't do it right away!
 I've always admired vintage Matchbox/ Lesney dolls from afar and now, I finally got one. Thru ebay too and cheap! I also wanted to see if their outfits could fit an MMS!!
 A Mod little gal. I thought she'd have a bendy type bod, but she doesn't. In fact, you can fold her up and tuck her away for travel as shown on the back of the card above!! Cute!

Then, I finally caved and got myself a Unoa Quluts Light red head in PJs!! I used to own Unoa Quluts BJD's back in 2006! Believe it or not, and around that time I also got myself a Unoa Lite Azurite and Flourite when they first came out. I put the kit together and had all kinds of wigs, clothes etc. for them... but of course as time goes on, and my collective tastes changed, the tiny BJD's were sold off...

Fast forward to 2014, I've always admired the Sekiguchi versions of Unoa Lites! and now, I own one! Yippee!
 From YJA, this red head was just to delicious to pass up! Upon inspection. They are similar in a lot of ways to the original Unoa Lites, but they are taller and not BJD's instead vinyl versions. You can interchange their hands and feet only. Still she's just so cute and can fit some Momoko dolls shoes, fashions, etc.!
 Her box above and below...

 I just love her eyes, and her delicate mouth and teeth! She is able to fit some Azone fashions as well!

Hmmm, what to have her wear next!?
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Miniature Sunbonnet Picture Frames!!

Wow, I didn't even know these little works of art existed!! While doing my usual searches for miniature things on ebay, I came across a vintage MIP Sunbonnet Picture frames by Merrimack. These miniature reprints of famous artworks are amazing! So tiny and great for vintage 1/12 scale dollhouses, I can't wait to try these in one of my rooms, or a dollhouse!
 Three picture frames in the package of those famous 70's style "Holly Hobbie" or Sunbonnet gals. Great for a bedroom scene or living room. The frames are plastic, and the art photos are in good condition for their age. Sadly, one of the frames is a bit aged and the plastic has whiten at the bottom, as you can see in the middle frame below.
 They are faves for sure!
Then below, I took some pics of Shiori in my hand. She is so tiny and delicate. She will be great to use in 1/12 scale homes also! Okay, I need to break out my doll rooms or a dollhouse!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I got a Konami MMS 3rd Naked Flesh Small Figure!!

Oh my goodness, I actually won this little figure last week! I seriously, thought I wasn't gonna win her, but did and she arrived so quickly too!!
 Above, the figure is an MMS 3rd Naked Flesh Small ver. 2. I've been wanting a later version with the feet part having toes, and the three chest sizes. I figure I had a better chance of getting a small version versus a tall, and I did. Sadly, a tall version is much more expensive-_-; and last week a seller had several small sets for auction, which gave me an even better chance!
 Above, side by side with Charlotte, the small version is really small! I didn't realize how small it was! Cute nonetheless, I can use her for another character I modify!!
 I tried to see if Charlotte could use the chest plate form this version, but sadly, she can't. Still, I was able to use the feet part on Charlotte's bathing suit bod!

Then, I did it! I removed Shiori's head... I know, "Are you nuts Lady!" But as you can see below. The modded Shinokawa Shioriko on an MMS small bod! This size head fits nicely too! She looks so sweet, tiny and delicate!!
 My husband said, I'm like Frankenstein, always changing doll heads and bodies, creating something else...LOL! Yeah, I guess I am!!

But, I love the new dolly friends I've created!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cobaanii Mokei Kobo 1/12 Garden Set!!

I worked on and finished the 1/12 Cobannii Model Garden set today!! I found it thru AmiAmi here, it was back ordered and they were able to get one set in for me! Yay! So, I immediately started on it by the afternoon...
 I opened the packaging and took all the pieces out. Of course the instructions are in Japanese, but that doesn't stop me from putting it together. Hehe...
 Above, is what I'm suppose to see upon completion....
 I too a photo of all the pieces laid out. In a short time, I was able to finish it, along with Tabytha's help. She was able to glue for me most of the pieces, while I had to do laundry. I'm thinking the next time I get a set, I might as well get one for her. She loves to put them together as much as I do!!LOL
 Once finished, I noticed something, don't you?! Yup, the table is missing-_-; I went back to the first pic above to see if the table was there and maybe I just misplaced it or it fell off the bed. But even in the pic above, the table part of the set is not there. I had to write AmiAmi about it and they said because, the item was sold out, I couldn't get a replacement, but I did however get a discount and points added to my account for use later. Still a good deal!

Below, the completed garden along with some watering cans... Remember them from an earlier post? I decided to redecorate them with stickers and flowers. I may just add them to my For Sale page if anyone is interested. They are 1/12 scale miniatures. From the photo on the website and on the packaging, sadly, the garden set is much more like a 1/24 scale then 1/12. When I put Charlotte next to it, she towers over it...oh well. It's still cute for some scenes!

 I have some with floral decor, a sail boat, bunnies, dolls, bears, etc.! The flowers inside them are dried vintage pink and yellow flowers. Some are just pink or just yellow. Available soon!

 Such a fun project too! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

New Azone Dolly and More Yahoo Japan Goodies.

Today's mail was truly exciting to get!! I had pre-ordered the lovely Assault Lily Rokkaku Shiori gal and also got some cheap goodies from Yahoo Japan and Etsy!!
 Yay, finally, an Assault Lily. I've been basically waiting on the sidelines for one of these gals that I might want and sure enough the pre-order for Rokkaku, interested me. Above, I also got some cheap goodies from YJA Toei animation Character Series, another Hot Springs set, and some cute resin hats for a project I have!
 This version of Hot Springs has a cute boy statue instead of the cat statue! I was able to snag it pretty cheap too! A great addition to my Plastic dollhouse, when I do set it up!!?
 One of my favorites, Maho no Mako chan is a vintage anime mermaid. I've always wanted to get this figure, and now I have! She so sweet and reminds me a lot of "The Little Mermaid" also from Toei too!!
 Above, I was looking for a hat for Charlotte, but then, came across these cute tiny resin hats! Hmmm... What to do...
 So excited, Rokkaku is just too cute! I've always wanted one with braids. She is larger on top, so I will have to decide whether to mod her and place her on an MMS bod or keep her as is... She a cutie and a keeper!! Now, Lien won't be lonely!
 Below, I also got from AmiAmi a back-order 1/12 scale Garden set. Made of paper and wood it will be fun to put together! More on this one later on...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's Mail Call...

Ahhh, Mondays... Sometimes Mondays can be horrible, especially when you had a nice relaxing weekend and just don't want to have to go to back to a full work week! Then again, Mondays can be amazing, because of the thrill one feels when receiving goodies you've bought online!

I do try to pride myself in finding random cheap things these works! LOL
 I found these 1/24 scale Blue Box chairs on etsy and decided to get them for my plastic Japanese dollhouse. I don't care for the yellow coloring, but I may just dress them up to look more modern...
 ...and I did! They look amazing with red felt seat cushions along with this Petite Princess coffee table, it now looks like a modern dinette set!
 I glued red felt and can't wait to use them in the house!
 I also found these cute Capsule Q Fraulien series figures of Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou, thru ebay. I've always wanted these two styles from the four, and I was able to get em' cheap too!
My fave above and below. I've thought about modifying them to be used on MMS bods? hmmm, but at the same time I like em' just they way they are! We'll see if I am brave enough to modify them??
 I started to read the manga series, and so far it's okay.
 Then, I also got these teeny tiny plastic watering cans in a lot of 15 thru etsy. But the seller sent me more than 15! Hmm, I feel like a project is coming on with these?! LOL!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls