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More About Meyercord Co. The Decal Makers...

      There has been a discussion with fellow collectors about these decals. So, I decided to find out a little more about The Meyercord Company. The makers of the cute and adorable animal decals we often see on wood decor, cabinet, stools, etc.  My research via google, came up with a few sites that have some information on the company. According to Antique Advertising Expert, The Meyercord Company was established in 1896 by George Meyercord in Chicago, IL. Meyercord Co. started out as a decal manufacturer and eventually made a name for themselves as an advertising sign maker as well. The first decals to be manufactured in the USA were by George Rudolph Meyercord in Chicago Illinois in 1894.  By 1899 had branches in New York and St Louis. The signs Meyercord produced were wood veneer signs and “Vitrolite” glass signs with a decal advertising graphic adhered to the front. Vitrolite signs were made of curved and sometimes flat pieces of milk glass with a metal tubular frame; these signs were also the most popular. 

    Leaving this world site stated, Meyercord produced wooden and glass signs for various companies and industries across the country. Meyercord continued to manufacture decals through to the 1960s.  Its success was based on its head start over competitors. Sadly, other techniques began to overtake decals as a preferred use in advertising, and eventually Meyercord found a niche in making decals that appealed to the domestic market. Many a home in the 1940’s – 1960’s decorated nurseries, furniture and toys with their decals. (Designs featuring fruits and flowers can still be found at antique stores and eBay, some are very valuable and collectable). The Meyercord Company name still exists but it is a company that has nothing to do manufacturing decals.

    Sadly, there is no other information that deals with the designs of the nursery decals in particular. Hopefully one day someone, who has historical information and facts about their design, etc. will come forward and share with us what they know. I've had discussions with a few collectors and we believe there quite possibly were prototype plush toys made to help create the decal. These plushies were then posed and photographed to create the adorable anthropomorphic features we see them in. Hmmm, one can wonder right? Hopefully we will find out. Either way, they are oh so cute and we love em' no matter how they were created!


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Updated, I found another site with some insight to one of the men involved in Meyercord Decal's


Time's Article 1952

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