Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vintage Mid Century Terrarium Miniature, Rune Naito Mermaid & More!

This has been an awesome week for mail arrivals!!

Today, I received several boxes of goodies I've been searching for and some I just happened upon...

First, this amazing vintage mid century modern 1/6 scale size Dome Terrarium Planter. I just happened upon it while doing some usual searches. I have only seen these in Human-size.
 I tried to find out if they had this listed under Barbie, Mattel? But, nothing. No information on it. Even others have sold theirs here, but still no maker, and it doesn't have any markings on it...?
 It comes with a dome cover, and inside beautiful lilac cloth flowers and white spear-shaped flowers with moss. You can remove the cover to reveal the flowers. It will look very nice in Tadie's house!

I did make a quick scene with it below. Penny Bright sink set, and tulip style chairs, reminiscent of the 1960s...

Next, I found via an online Japan shop, the hard to find Rune Naito Ceramic Mermaid figurine in red!! I could not believe my eyes. These generally sell high on Yahoo Japan, but I was able to find this for a lot cheaper than the original price, you'd pay at the store! Yippee! And it comes with its original box too! A score for sure!
 Cute Rune Naito Mermaid, just like the pin/badge I got the other day!
 She is so kawaii, and her bun comes off and you can put things inside her!
 Probably skinny things? Maybe flowers and use her as a vase? Hmmm. Above, her proof of authenticity sticker and markings, 2003.
 Here she is on my night stand, with the pin... A very happy purchase indeed!

Lastly, from the same shop I found the mermaid, I found this rare Takara Romantic Miniature Sewing Machine for Pico dolls, the Japanese version of 1970s Dawn dolls.
 This sewing machine is mint in box and can go really high even through Yahoo Japan, but I was able to find it for a lot less. Whew!
 There are many miniatures in this series, but they are often very hard to find sadly. Weird these miniatures are for dolls that are about 6 inches in height, but they fit more so for the 1/6 scale size dolls? I'm just as confused... Still, it will be a nice addition to any doll room or scene.
 The wheels don't turn, but there is thread at the top that is made to look like it feeds through. No moving parts. Still very cute, and I love the design.

Below, some quick scene shots I took of the sewing machine on the desk I got a few weeks back here.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Few Finds from Ebay!

I was able to win this cute pair of ceramic Maltese dog Salt & Pepper shakers through ebay and they arrived to me safely today. I am trying very hard not to want to collect ceramic cuties. But, since I have the one, I figured a small set like these two cute dogs would be okay. I've seen the larger versions of these and they are very cute, even a wall hanging one with similar face.

They are cute and small. Small enough to display neatly on my desk or end table...

Then, I finally found these L'il Purse Dolls, that are like tiny versions of Sebino's Metti foldable dolls. I used to collect Metti dolls, and even had Metti's fashions, but since I was neglecting Metti, I sold them off to other collectors... I may have kept one? Somewhere...
 I've seen similar one's, but they don't look anything like Metti, and they usually come in boys and girls. The first time I had a good look at one, is from a friend's flickr stream. Cricket's Mini Metti is here!

Hers really look like Metti dolls, and she inspired me to find and get myself one or two, but in this case, three! Ha. I know there are other styles by Imperial Doll Co., but none of them look more closely like this one, to Metti. All from the same seller. She had several listed with a Buy It Now, I bought two. I later asked her if she had any brunettes? and she did. So, I was able to purchase her also! Yay!
 The one in packaging I will keep in my display case. The other two, I will repaint and play with!

As you can see below, I repainted the brunette a bit darker and darkened her eyes along with the red head. I also touched up her red hair.
 I love the fabric background from the 100yen store. So mod!

 I may try to see if I can make some felt dresses for them...

They are both just too cute. They will also be easy to store away. Yay!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, March 28, 2016

My SOLDOUT Pin Club Pin, is Here!!

Oh my goodness!! It was an awesome mail day today!!

A dear friend via IG showcased her lovely February Release pin from the PINCLUB in the UK here! Basically, you can subscribe to the monthly pins or badges that get released. I only learned about them in that moment, and wish I had known about them sooner... Oh well. When she shared the February's release, I was like Whoa, wow!!! I literally just about died. Now, if only I could get my hands on one?
 So, I searched every where I thought, I could possibly find one online. But, sadly, nothing, even the website sold out since February. Noooo!

So, a week later, I decided to ask my friend. She said, she got hers thru etsy... I found the shop and asked my question? Sure enough after a day or so, I was told that they did sell out, but they hold onto just one, in case someone's purchase gets lost in the mail during transit. I was told if I could wait, but that there was no guarantee, that I would get one... So I waited with my fingers crossed, and literally, just trying to be positive, and hopeful.

After, what seemed like forever... (Technically about a week.) I wrote the seller again and asked. She was just about to convo me, she said. She had the one left, and that I was very lucky!! I was so thrilled, beyond happy. She made the custom listing, and I quickly bought it... The February pin arrived to me safely today, about 12 days later!
 You don't realize just how happy, I am to have gotten this cute/kawaii pin!! Basically, it's a tiny replica of Rune Naito's ceramic mermaid designed by "Whimsical Boy"!
 (Photo below not mine. Just for reference of the ceramic Rune Naito mermaids.)
 My pin below...
 I am just in awe of it, and so beautifully made too. I love that he added a bow to her hair, so reminiscent of the 1960s style. Gorgeous! It is definitely a nice addition to my ever growing badge/pin collection below.

The other pins are vintage. I may have to subscribe to the PINCLUB myself? For future designs!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, March 26, 2016

In the Mail!

Some items that came in the mail today...
 I ordered some items for Yui. I wanted to have her dress differently from time to time...
 I got a cute black elastic tank top, great for summer or spring, a pair of shorts and cute tank top and striped shirt. All available through Hobby Search. I just had to try it on her. Bow head band from the cute prairie dress, that she can't fit-_-;

 Here Yui is posing with the cute miniature retro dogs. The two will be added to the shop soon!

Then, I also received a box from my friend via Japan, an Oike dress for Sun-chan and a pencil case...
 The Sun-chan dress above MIP, is so cute. But sadly, when I tried it on Oike, it was too big. So, I am guessing Sun-chan is larger than Oike. I will have to see who else from my dolls can fit this dress? A 12 inch tall doll or so.

 I was able to get my friend to order this Masako Watanabe clear pencil case from an online shop!
 Has some wear, but still very cute. I will be adding this to my shop.
 The seller of the online shop, also gave this to me "Lips"gummi candy so cute!
 Another look of the cover art by Masako.
 Cute Galaxy-eyed retro girl... One of my favorites!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls