Friday, April 27, 2018

Dragons Breath!!

It's fun to see and try new things! Earlier this year, I saw via instagram a fellow collector having her child try out "Dragon's Breath" a cool treat. Basically, I found out it is liquid Nitrogen infused cereal balls or fruit, that you can eat and gives the impression that you are breathing out smoke, kinda like a Dragon!

Cool, right?! I figured Guam won't have this anytime soon... Sure enough via IG, a local ice cream shop that opened recently, is bringing in the latest craze from California and they were advertising "Dragon's Breath"!! Whaaaaaat! Yup!

Taby and I made our way down to Snow Monster to check it out!
 On Guam, Snow Monster is an sweets shop located next door to Burger King in Upper Tumon. Catering mostly to tourists that wanna shop on Guam, us locals can also check it out for yummy baked goods, new trends, ice cream, etc.!
 "Cookie Monster" ice cream, was yummy, but definitely leaves you looking blue in the mouth, when you are finished, cuz you want more!! LOL
 Taby tried it out. The space is nice and well lit. There are lots of photo ops areas in the shop. Behind Taby was a magical background... There is even a large Teddy sitting by the main doors you could cuddle up to for a quick snap! Sorry not photographed. Ha.
 The reason I came... Dragon's breath. It is basically, puffed cereal balls, with liquid Nitro in it, and they gave us dipping sauces on an art looking palette. Cute!
 Cereal was okay, not too sweet, unless you dip it in the flavored sauce. But, so much fun it you want to look like a smoking Dragon. Kids will love it and Kidults, like myself too! I know I had fun for a bit!
Warning don't hold onto the cup without the cardboard or you'll feel frostbit! LOL If you are looking for this treat to be satisfying as a dessert, not happening. It's more for fun. So, be warned. Haha.

Definitely cool enough to say, I tried it once folks!

I'm definitely going back to try the "Beyonce" Lemonade drink!! Hope you all are having a great weekend start?!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Another Vintage German Doll

I was able to win this vintage German DDR Florinchen doll from a fellow collector via ebay.
She arrived to me safely and here is how she looks...
 I believe, she is a character from an old children's TV stop-motion show called, "Sandmannchen". Some information here. She is called, "Florinchen", a friend to Sandman. Florinchen, loves to garden.
 She is made of vinyl mostly, and has wires in her body. In both legs, it then helps her to stand. When I pull her up from the stand her feet are molded onto the stand and just her legs and body comes out. You can remove her hat and the flower she holds. Another wire is at the top of her and head an goes into her body as well to keep her upright and hold her hat in place. She stands about 10" tall, with her hat she's 12" tall. Her clothing is made of felt, her hat is some type of straw material, with purple flowers glued on. The hat itself is supposed to be glued onto her head, but I'm guessing from travel, the glue has come undone.

 Quite unique. I love her eyes. I will undress her and see what she is able to fit into... More on her later.
 Having fun with Lara...

Then, I also got this lovely vintage Yes/No Rummy doll jewelry accessory set. It is my first set found using dolls to advertise toy jewelry sets. Nice. I will add it to my shop soon along with some other vintage accessory sets...

 Just love the box art and the case. It holds a large red ruby pendant, with a faux pearl necklace, gold tone necklace, that can be interchanged with the three other pendants included, a blue sapphire oval pendant, a blue sapphire star pendant, a red ruby nautical style pendant, a mirror, two rings, and a pair of faux pink pearl earrings. So many dress up fun styles too! Or just to decorate a vintage jewelry box!
 I will list it later today.

Have a beautiful weekend fellow collectors!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, April 20, 2018

New Old Cuties!!

I just happened onto a sale via instagram and was able to snag these two cuties, and more!!

I was thrilled to find these gals still available. They are very hard to get, because most collectors keep them when they are found. Who can blame them. Haha. 

I've seen, hairspray bottles with them, mirrors, lipstick holders, and trinket dishes. Made in Japan, these are often linked to the Japanese voice actress and artist of the 60s and 70s, Ado Mizumori, here. These ceramic ladies are often found when one least expects it. I was thrilled I did too!

 Like French ladies with their drawn in moles, and long eyelashes... I've always wanted to get myself at least one. But, finding two, is even better. All the way from Canada. They arrived safely to me, today.
 The blonde haired one has a little knick on her headband, but otherwise, she is just gorgeous!!!
 They now, decorate my end table by my bed...

Then, I found these cute Enesco Alien type posing cuties via Etsy. I was in shock, you see I found them just 4 days ago. Yup! They came from California and arrived lightening fast in this case!! A red head and blonde, one was missing her Alien antennae, but I replaced it. Eventually, I will find a better one. For now, the one's on her head look very similar, just a temporary fix though.

 I fell for their blue cover eyes. Totally Alien to me. Yess. They are just 'Out of this World', no pun intended. LOL

My blue ballet slipper pouch and toy jewelry...

Hong Lara, playing outside with an umbrella. Just love her face...

Happy Friday Everyone! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Korean Artist Dolls, You Are Killing Me!!!

Okay, what the heck is going on here?!?! Soo, many cute Korean artists dolls nowadays, it's getting really hard to resist them! Seriously! Haha.

I had to let go of my tan Bomulsung Wango Nana Star Child Doll. I know she will be loved. But, I asked around, you see, she had a really strong chemical smell. I hadn't noticed it before, but when I put Nana with my Blue bunny under the glass dome display. My fuzzy bunny started to turn brown!! WTH

I started to worry. So, I removed her from being displayed with him and left her in a container with my Mazelle de Paris, who had a strong vanilla smell on her. Hoping it would clear her smell. It didn't. WARNING, some of the artists dolls made in Korea have strong chemical smells. Even a doll like Mamzelle de Paris' vinyl can smell, but the creator was kind enough to add a lasting vanilla scent to his dolls. Though, I don't care for either a strong sweet scent or chemical scent on any of my dolls -_-; UGH... Sorry, I have sensitive nose.

But, that's just my side rant. Sorry. I still love these adorable dolls!! Bomulsung Wango has created so many cute dolls. I'm just in awe. Besides the tan Nana that I had in my collection. I found a friend who had helped me in the past, to find another one of her dolls. I actually wanted to get a brunette haired Lara star child, but she had a red head available from her collection. I believe her name is, "홍라라" or "Hong Lara" in English, at least that's what google translated it to be.
 (Not My Photo, stock photo by artist Bomulsung).
There are three dolls in this release, a blonde, a brunette, and this red head girly. They all wear a unique striped dress with white ruffles, a bow, and white glittery flats.
 Mine, had a red bow instead. Similar box to my first doll Nana. Just love Bomulsung's art work! Inside the box, is also her certificate card.
 I love her red hear, and cute freckles. Her face paint is just lovely!! I did have to replace her rubber bands. I brushed her hair and she didn't have any chemical smell. Just a sweet smell, maybe cookies? I did ask my friend, and she said, she had left Lara out to vent. Thank you so much for that!! LOL
 At least we know, the smell can be removed, with long ventilation, perhaps?
 I added red ribbon bows to her pony tails. Love those huge eyes!! Okay, I'm smitten. It can be hard to find someone in South Korea to help us get these adorable addicting dolls, but it can be done. I can't advertise any friends who can find us these dolls, my dear fellow Korean Doll Lovers, but, I will give you this advice...

If you found online a good friend from South Korea, you may be able to ask them to find you one. We can all hope to buy these cute dolls for a lot less than what they are sold for on ebay. But, if we can't, and you have the funds, get them from ebay. Either way they are your dream doll to collect and worth every penny, you may be willing to shell out, to get them!!
 This cutie arrived from a shop via etsy here, "Kitsch Clutch", on the same day as Lara! I had to add him to her pics too!
 Adorable Arnart bunny figurine. Cute big eyes, with a red bow tie. He is a tiny little thing too. It took a month to arrive, parcel post, ugh. But the seller was so sweet to give me a refund for s/h. I thought she had sent him First Class or Priority. Nope. Darn.
 Has the Japan, marking. He will be a great addition to my little Arnart collection!
Then, I also received some gatchas available for sale. Disney Character toys. These cuties are great for shelves or dressers in your doll's room. I kept Alice for my dollhouse scenes.

 I also got these cute Shoe pouches, great for coins or carrying little treasures with you. All except for the teal ballet slipper is available.
 Sleeping kitten figurines, are also available. These little cuties are great for your miniature doll scenes too! All of them are for sale!

 SHhhhh, he's sleeping! LOL

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls