Saturday, May 18, 2013

More Goodies from Japan!!

 My latest finds thru Yahoo Japan came in the next day! The items above were few, but amazing! I found a vintage Takara Licca Castle bedroom toy set, small enough to fit into my Ben Holiday house for Mirai! I then, also had been looking for a Glico retro record player set to add to the Ben Holiday house as well! Then, to my surprise I found this lovely Yonezawa Bedroom set with furniture and dolls! I had seen from this ad below. I didn't even know existed!! Except for seeing an ad for them a few years back!?

Amazing 1/12 scale furniture in vintage retro 60's style!!

The lovely Takara Licca Castle Bedroom set. When I finished setting it up it was one of 7 sets to make a large castle!

The Bedroom set, has cardboard panels that you can unfold and stand up to create a room setting. The set includes a bed, one end table, a dresser with wall shelf, a closet with hangers, a mirrored dresser and stool, two chairs, a coffee table, and a set of two flowers in pots to decorate with.

The bed, stool, and chairs have felt and spongy cushions, in pink and red.

another look!

The set also came with two dolls above. One brunette and one blonde.

I redid the room so you can see it with some rement accessories.

Besides the hangers and flowers, I also found a ship included in the set, that you can see in the photo above before this one.

There are other sets, but as I mentioned before this was the first time I had learned about them. So, it will be interesting if any more show up?!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, May 17, 2013

What was waiting for me when I got home!!

As it always happens, I try to get things sent home while I'm away so that when I get back it's already there waiting for me...Here are some goodies that came in!!

 Some items that arrived from Yahoo Japan! It's been so long since I got a box, this one was big!! I found some miniature doll furniture to add to my latest collection! Some cute vintage mascot doll tumblirs to add to the shop, a large Alice in wonderland doll, and some Glico repro toys!

 This Alice above is quite unique with her big eyes and blank stare. She stands at a whopping 22" tall. She is made similar to Printemps dolls, but this gal is from another made in Japan company.

She still has her tag!
She also came with this cute Cheshire cat cell charm!

The cute vintage doll tumblirs, I've seen the one on the far right! I will be adding this set into the shop soon!

Lastly, I got this cute anime girl case. Its small and needs some cleaning along with removal of a sticker on the front. I've seen this same artwork on a sketch bag that sold a few months ago...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

On a Short Trip...

I have been on a mini vacation to see my niece's graduation from the University of Hawaii!! It was an amazing 10 days and here are some pics to share!!

 Sara and I enjoyed a walk around Kapiolani Park and seeing Diamond Head!!

 We had to stop by and visit Alomoana Mall too! Sara enjoyed the koi fish pond there!!

 OMG, my first time eating at the Cheesecake Factory! Red velvet cheesecake is to die for I tell you!!

 Out on the Lanai of our hotel room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village!! Gorgeous views too!!

 A view from our 18th floor hotel room, of the Lagoon below!! We got to see fireworks also!!

 We also got a chance to visit the Teddy Bear World Museum. I didn't even know was there!!

and also the Waikiki Aquarium! It was a blast!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Large Dolly...

It's actually been so long since I acquired a large vintage doll. But I couldn't help, but get this girl!!

 I found her thru ebay doing some searching for dolls of similar size. She came all the way from UK! She has the same body-type as Ideal's Crissy family in the 18" size range. But of course her face is quite different, and her markings are "Hong Kong". She has that 60's/70's Laura Partridge feel to her...Thus, the reason why I placed a bid!

Amazing bright blues eyes and she was able to fit this cute, made in Japan, baby doll dress as a top and I also added the red bell-bottom pants. She was sold cheap and a great addition to my small collection!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mcgroovies and Marx Dollhouse family comparison...

I finally put the Haefner N Krullmann dollhouse together again, and started to decorate the rooms. In the end I also took out from storage my Mcgroovies family set and the Marx family set. Just to show comparisons!

 Marx's Father: "Honey, the Mcgroovies will be here soon! Did you get that particular wine I wanted?"
 Marx's daughter: "Hey Mom, Dad, someone's pulling into our driveway!"

 Marx's Mother: "Yes, Honey I got that specific wine! Oh my goodness, I'd better check on dinner then!"
Marx's Father: "Sara, where's your brother?" Marx's Daughter: "I don't know?"

Marx's Son: "Oh groovy, it's the Mcgroovies!! I think I'd rather stay in here for dinner!"

 Marx's Father: "Welcome to our home Michael!" Mcgroovies Dad: "Thanks so much Mark! You have a lovely home here!" Mcgroovies Son: "Oh geez my Dad is such a square!" Mcgroovies Daughter: "Hi Sara, I have two dolls, I see you only have one."

Marx's Mother: "Welcome to our home Mrs. Mcgroovie!" Mcgroovie Mom: "Why thank you, please call me Monica." to be continued...

I just had to add a little bit of drama! Well, as you can see below. The Mcgroovies as they are quaintly titled, are a cute plastic family just like the Marx's. But you can see they are pastel colored as compared to the Marx family. They both have the same number of family members as well, with a dad, mom, son, daughter, and baby.

 Dads above, Mr. Mcgroovie has his hand extended with a pipe in it, and big blue eyes. You can also see that all the Mcgroovie heads are larger as well.

Moms above, both have the babies in their arms, but Mcgroovie Mom has her left hand extended. Also their hairstyles and dress style are different.

Sons above, very different with Mcgroovies son having bright orange hair and freckles. They both have their right hands in their pockets. Marx's son has a book in the other.

One of my favorite dollhouse people are the daughters. They both have dolls, But Mcgroovie daughter has two dolls instead of one, and their hairstyles are also different. I must admit, I like the Mcgroovie daughter more so, for her big eyes and dress color.

I notice that the Mcgroovies are easier to find then the Marx's family. But when you do find yourself a set, they are a great addition to any 1:12 scale dollhouse!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Inside the Haefner and Krullmann Bungalow!

I finally got the urge to put together the H n K bungalow! Only because I wanted to see what kind of furniture, and what kind of look would go great in it too?

 I have this lovely set of tulip chairs in white and orange that go nicely in this side of the bungalow as a dining area.

 In the opposite of the bungalow I placed the sofa and matching chair, a favorite set of mine. Along with minisx2 coffee table and side table. The decor above the sofa is actually a vintage button!

 The windows in this bungalow are so nice and big! One may want to add some window treatments as well. I also love the patio area with the water fountain! Just need some fish!

This room is slightly small enough for a kitchen area, but I wanted to try out my bathroom set. A bit large as you can see. I didn't get  a chance to place anything into the 3rd room just yet...maybe later?

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls