Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Japan Online Finds In!!

Today, I got two boxes and both were finds from Japan. Here's what happy mail arrived...
 I won a lovely tan doll from Yahoo Japan, and the other three items I purchased directly from an online shop in Japan. These are the before photos... More when I look at each item individually...
 First, the tan Sanwa Japan doll. I've seen her via Yahoo Japan before, and was truly surprised that I won her. She has the same face as those tan girls that are on their tummy with her face on her hands, but her body is quite different. She has long arms and legs. You can twist her head and her arms only. The legs are stationary. She is wearing a blue and white striped top with matching shorts. Upon inspection, her shorts are glued at the back, so I wasn't able to take them off. The blouse I was able too and washed it. I washed her hair and wiped her body down. When I was combing out her hair, she had a part down the middle. This means that she was supposed to have two ponytails. After brushing her hair, I tied it up and added red bows. Her red shoes are not removable, and if you see underneath they have cardboard and paper on the sole.

She stands about 12 inches tall, even with her wobbly looking legs. She is quite unique and will live with me for a time. The hair tie she came with is cute and small, I will keep it also. Then, I also got a lot with two ceramic figurines, a bunny and a puppy. I figured I could upcycle them and add some fur! It was fun, and with the bunny I just added a bit of fur to him and a sheer ribbon. The puppy, I furred all over and added a blue paper flower to her head and a gold band around her neck. There is a heart attached at the back. Both are just too cute and the colors just pop out at cha! I listed both and they were adopted right away! Thank you dear Stacey for that one!!

 The Junichi Nakahara pin brooch above, is the 2nd one I found. I couldn't resist getting it for someone who loves Junichi N. art. She is famous for her Shojo or Josei Anime of the 50s and 60s. Just google her you will see! I've added it to my etsy shop already! Below, Wataru by Takara 1960s. He is the boyfriend of Licca chan! I've been wanting a Wataru for a long time... and recently found one available and for a decent price. Probably because he's missing his shoes. No matter, I can find an original pair later. He is not bad for being over 30 years old. I redressed him and he will live with me for a time! Ha!

That's all for now... As Lamby would say, "Baaaa!"

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, July 29, 2019

Kitsch Finds & More...

It's been pretty busy getting the guesthouse back in business since we decided to block bookings for the month of July, so we could focus on things that needed fixing. We had guests check in on Saturday and the weather has gotten so rainy as well, that the yard is no longer yellow. But, in deep green hues and so lush. Summer is still hot and humid, possibly hotter then years prior. Ugh. So, I haven't been searching for finds as much. Then, towards mid last week, I did find a few goodies below...
 I found this lovely vintage 1950s Rand McNally Storytime Book, titled, "Little Deer". I love the illustrations and if I recall there are some Meyercord decals with the same or similar art work of the fawn. The book itself was a bit larger then my other Jr book. Still a lovely piece to add to my collection.  I also, stumbled upon a sale via IG, of some lovely foam picks by vintage_trove_shop.
 I made sure to get a few she had up for sale. You see the reason I did, besides the fact that they are too cute, was because, these very same mid century picks, were also used as Glico Japan Candy Toy Prizes or Meiji Toy Prizes. I've seen them while searching for Glico toy prizes for my collection several years ago! So, I was surprised to find them made into food picks from the 50s or 60s...

 The advertisement below of Sapporo Chocolates, about 1960s, I believe. Showcases these foam or sponge animals, a deer and a dog. Now my collection above, has an elephant, pig, dog, bear, and rabbit. I was also able to buy this vintage birdhouse via IG from vintageschoolhouse. It too arrived fast and safely to me. I have plans to upcycle it and more soon!!

Next, I received these lovelies from my dearest Comickitsch on IG. She was selling these flocked girl figurines with hair and I decided to snatch them up. I also commissioned her to make me one of her lovely Fawn plaques. These girls are lovely and still have the Napco sticker on them. They are just too cute and unique for words. I will be adding them to my collection! The wall plaque Blaire made below. She made the mold herself of our favorite kitsch fawn with the dots. Since I don't own any these days, I figured having one of hers will be the next best thing!! Boy, was I right! Just lovely and made to order just the way I wanted, Blaire didn't disappoint. I love my plaque and can't wait to hang it up for display!!

 She even spoiled me with all these added goodies too! Thank you sis!! Last, I bought this cutie Lamb via Etsy. He's just too adorable, and tiny with a tuft of bunny fur on top of his head in pink! There were other small cuties you could adopt, but this one I just couldn't resist!! Can you?! Haha!

 Love his big eyes! He will also be added to my collection. I'm expecting more things to arrive this week, from Spain and even from Japan!! So stay tuned!!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

PS I forgot to add, that I got myself a new iphone XR.
I needed to update from my iphone 6. LOL and it is
awesome, even with the animojis!! LOL