Monday, January 31, 2011

Retro Jestia Japan Circus Toy Dogs...

My recent Jestia Japan Female Hound finally arrives! Lately, I've been smitten by these cute Circus Toy dogs from the 1960's! I found my first hound through Etsy, and now I have the female version above that I got through ebay...
My first male hound above. He is a lot more minty than the female, but still its nice to have a set of these cuties...These are vintage sawdust-filled animals, sometimes known as "Perky Pets". The story goes that a Japanese company needed to fill up some boxes of ceramics with something that would protect them during shipping. So, they included a bunch of pin cushions that were in the shape of animals. The importers loved them and so they started making them just to sell. A common manufacturer was Dakin, who called them "Dream Pets" later on. Today, you can still find many variations of these lovely Jestia pets...I've seen orange colored hounds too!

Both the hounds above looking like a lovely couple... - ggsdolls

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beautiful Lina in Miss Nancy Fashion...

Along with the items I received from YJA, I won this lovely NRFB fashion for Miss Nancy by Oike Co. Japan. I took the fashion off the box and tried it on Lina today! She looks amazing too!

Lina looks so studious in this outfit. I love the tie, and how the yellow jumper fits. It's a bit loose, but is fixable. The outfit came with a sketch book, purse, hanger, shoes, and even a little poodle or miniature Shih Tzu! How cute is that!

This fashion definitely reminds me of the Japanese manga girlie fashions I've seen in the ads. One of my faves for sure! Now, Lina is ready for college, or just hanging out at the park to draw! - ggsdolls

PS Along with her little friend that wants to follow her!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest Haul from YJA!

I recently received the items above and below a few days ago, but because I've been so busy while my husband's been home I only now, have been able to post on them. Above, I was able to get some beautiful anime coloring books a lot of 2 kimono, and a lot of 5 each of the lovely girl anime coloring books. This lot was nice and minty too. I've already added to the shop and some have sold off already!
This lovely mint Rose of Versailles chain purse in white vinyl/suede. I was amazed to see this version of the purse. A very lovely piece as well.
Then, this lot above along with the small sewing kits, and origami tablets. I mostly wanted the lot for the wordcards! I love the anime girls on the front cover and this cute box of pins. The artwork reminds me of the older pose dolls of the 50's! I also got a NRFB Miss Nancy fashion, that I will show off later... - ggsdolls

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Shih Tzu/ Retro Stuffed Dog...

I've had this sweet retro dog since last summer, and only recently, have I been able to really take some photos of her. I added the bow a few months ago...Which is actually from a Miss Take hair accessory set I had for some time!
The bow just makes her look even more cute! Then, recently, since I didn't have her original cameo that these types of dogs came with, I decided to make her one. Below shows the one I decided to make for her.

Its nothing like the real one, but still at least she seems a bit more complete. Gold rose on gold cameo setting. Then, I also found out what type of dog she is, according to a seller on ebay who has a similar type dog up for sale, she is called a "Shih Tzu". Wild! She definitely looks like one! She sits at my work table for me to admire... - ggsdolls

Friday, January 14, 2011

Redressing GI Joe/Ultraman!

I Binned this amazing Ultraman TAC suit also called, "Captain Tuck" I loved the color and wanted something different from the usual Joe stuff. It was amazing how cheap it was, considering that the suit was missing the black boots, gloves, belt, weapon, and white scarf. Still my Joe looks handsome! I am slowly getting into more Ultraman stuff for my Joe's...
Here is another pic, with my flocked hair Joe after his cleanup. He still has some marker residue on his chin, but he looks good. It's amazing that his joints are nice and tight, and I just needed to replace his left hand. He is wearing a Palitoy Actionman military uniform, that I found with him in the lot. He will need to be reflocked, but for now, he's just fine.
The guys are amazing and a great addition to my collection. considering most of it is girl stuff. It's nice to see something else for a change.... - ggsdolls

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New items arrive on the Eve of New Year's!

This amazingly cute retro teddy bear in his plaid blue hat and pants. I just fell in love with him. There was even a brown bear, but unfortunately, someone else got him-_-; Still he is a nice addition to my retro collection!
I rescued this lovely minty mint pose doll. The only problem is that her wooden chair is missing all three legs. I was surprised that no one else wanted her. Still she was cheap and a great addition to my doll collection!
Finally, I got this and one other sketch book, and a memo pad. All items will be slowly added to the shop. I love the anime artwork on these sketch books. So, Macoto cute! I hope this New Year brings everyone happiness, and most of all Peace! - ggsdolls