Friday, March 27, 2020

Vtg Books, Etc. Arrive!

If you recall, I mentioned that I found some really cute vintage Saalfield Publishing Co. Children's books online... Well, I received a Lot of 9 books and then 4 more to add to my collection... and here they are!!
I found a lot of 9 books via Etsy, similar series as the "Lucky Baby Bunting" book. So, this lot includes, books numbers 510 through to 518. Not in perfect condition, but still a lovely addition to my growing collection of this series. I figured if I loved, Lucky, I may love the others?! I haven't started to read the new one's. Hopefully I will have time to do so soon!
 #510 - "Neddy's Adventure"
#511 - "The Washing Day"
#512 - "The Little Friends"
 #513 - "The Little Cobbler"
#514 - "Peter's Fun Farm"
#515 - "The Singing Contest"
 #516 - "Timothy Tiger"
#517 - "Lucky Baby Bunting"
#518 - "Shoo-shoo The Puppy"
 Just yesterday, I received 4 others I also found via Etsy. This set has the 3 cent stamped on them. Still in lovely condition, sadly, they are not chronological, so there are some books missing in between them, after #520.
 #519 - "Little Boy Blue and the Golden Fairy"
#520 - "Princess Blossom and the Magic Spell"
 #522 - "Dina's New Home"
#524 - "Greedy Teddy"
Last, I received this lovely Blythe doll dress from Russia on Etsy. Cherry Chan fits it too! Yippee!

Hope you all are staying safe and social distancing!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Ragdoll and The Marine...

I just finished reading a book written by my former co-worker, Nicole A. Calvo, titled, "The Ragdoll and The Marine, A Memoir".  While we are all doing our 'Social Distancing' from one another, on this small island of Guam, what better way to pass the time, then to read a book written by a local author, and colleague!! Haha...
 Preface, I got this book as a birthday gift from my daughter Tabytha, because she knew I had been wanting to read it for some time. I believe, I had first seen an ad for it on facebook or perhaps, it was in the Guam PDN. I read an article saying, that it was about my former co-worker Mrs. Natividad Calvo, we lovingly called, Mrs. Natty. Little did I know, that it was her daughter Nicole, who had written it! The short excerpt, shared that the story was about a little girl during the Liberation of Guam, in 1944 by the Americans, from the Japanese during the Occupation of Guam. I was like wait, how come I never heard this story?

I don't think I even recall Mrs. Natty, sharing it with the students or with faculty and staff. I thought to myself, well, perhaps it was something private at the time, and there were painful memories. In 2016, during the time the book was released, our island's Manamko' or Elderly, were recounting the War's atrocities, because our Congress Delegate was fighting for some type of compensation for what the Chamorros endured. I became intrigued. I've worked with both Mrs. Natty and Ms. Nicole, they are loving, and kind co-workers, that fought so hard for our school to get back into its present day home, that was ravaged by Typhoon Paka, back in 1997. For this reason, it made me want to read it even more so...
 I sat back on my chair, put my feet up on the bench, and began to read. Basically, I could not put the book down. Talk about a walk down memory lane for sure! Nicole had me entranced, as I read the beginning of how Nicole grew up longing for Barbie dolls and wanting them from the 60s. The heart break of never getting them like her cousins for Christmas, and how she couldn't understand why her Mother was always giving them Rag dolls instead.... brought back, so many memories of mine as a child growing up around the same time frame. But, this time, reading her story and her mother's story of why the rag doll was so important to her.
 Even Nicole's journey as an educator, and having a longing for something new, something different in life. Was very similar to my journey in my mid 20's prior to working at the same school, and coming back home to Guam... The importance of finding oneself, and what God has planned for each of us. Along with the signs, that somehow help us to know what he wants us to see, were present in everything that Nicole experienced and did to help her Mom realize her dream of meeting the soldier who gave her a gift, that gave her hope. Towards the last few chapters, Nicole had me crying. Mostly because she made me think of my own mother, who has since passed away. The fact that Nicole was present with her Mom, when that journey came to fruition, was just touching. You as a reader, felt like you were with them,  at each step.

I also, liked how Nicole noted, the steps, that our delegate in Congress was taking to make sure her Mom, Mrs. Natty, and many of our island's Manamko's, like my Dad, Juan, to be recognized and thanked by the US government for their sacrifice during the Japanese Occupation. The book is very fitting, now that Congress has approved the War Claims for Guam, just last month. Talk about signs...

Now, if only our island and its people can be given a choice to decide whether we can govern ourselves or become a state... Maybe, that will be next, if we can just make it through this pandemic, perhaps?

Well, if you get a chance to, I think you'll enjoy reading this book. I recommend it, especially, if you are a child of an active duty military, a Chamoru from Guam or just enjoy reading inspiring stories of fate and God's will. I think you will enjoy this book!

You can purchase her book on her website or find it on Amazon on kindle too! On island, at Bestseller Stores, at The Guam Museum or where most books are sold.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Isetan Be My Baby Cherry Dress!!

Miyuki Odani released a set of 7 lovely dolls in late February to early March, through Isetan Shinjuku for the "Neo Hina Festival". Of course, I wasn't there, but I was able to get a friend to get me at least, a dress!! It arrived safely to me today! And I'm just thrilled...

The dress arrived to me today, considering our island is on lock down due to the COVID-19. So, before 12 noon, I made my way to check the PO box and sure enough, my package arrived! Yay! This will help me through the 'social distancing' and enjoy staying home to play with my dolls!! Yippee!

You may not see much information on Miyuki's website, as most of it was announced through her instagram stream instead...
  The dress is similar to Miyuki's Summer Bouquet doll's dress. But in lovely pink and purple hues with paper flowers on the tulle skirt. The fashion also comes with a lace and ribbon head dress in matching colors. This style will look so cute on my Marshmallow Cherry chan!! I immediately removed it from the packaging and carefully dressed Marshmallow in it... What do you think?

   Marshmallow's heels match also, and I decided to use my cute little white bunny and tiny blue beads in a bottle props. Oh my goodness!!! She looks soo cute and yummy!! Love, love, love this dress on her! Definitely, makes this pandemic mess, bearable. More photos to come!!
 I also found this lovely English version of the book, "Lucky Baby Bunting" or "Wiesje Wollepop" here. Yay! I will be keeping this version as well! I was also able to find other books made in English, in this series. I'm so excited, so more on these soon!!

Next, I had a friend purchase some cute goodies from an online shop in Japan. I saw Omakeboshi's IG post about these cute pose doll looking necklaces and couldn't help but order them, along with other cute items she had in her shop. She sold vintage and modern kawaii things!! So, I ordered, two of the pose doll type necklaces, one sweet deer key chain, and a post card. The she even added some coloring sheets as a gift!! How sweet! Loved my purchases, and they will be added to my collection of toy jewelry! Yay!

 Last for today, is this lovely vintage unicorn ornament from Hui-shan's shop on Etsy. She had three styles listed, and when I saw them, they instantly reminded me of the movie, "The Last Unicorn"! I was tempted, so I bought one! A lovely addition to my pastel decor. She adorns my dark wood cabinet opposite my bed!!
 Hope you all are staying well and safe?!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

More Roly Pollies, Etc.!

The roly poly doll I got last week, sold so quickly, I was able to get in two more this week as well, and I listed them last night. Both sold out in less then 3 hours of them being listed!!
Above, on the left, a roly poly doll with a hat. Rare to see one with a hat. She also came with a white bib with lace. So cute! Many inquired about her. I'm trying to find more! In the mean time, I did find the blue one on the right, along with the yellow below, left. Sadly, the blue didn't come with a hat, but did come with its bib. The yellow had a bow instead of a bib, and the design was different from the other two.
 Still both lovely and their tingaling mechanism works nicely too!

 I also decided, not to cut out the original fashions that came with Jill. So, instead I was able to find some 1950s style fashions online and printed this lovely yellow dress out for her. I had to tweak it a bit. It worked out too. Not bad. She is quite amazing for her size! I just love her!
And it doesn't hurt to know, I can print out more fashions for her to dress in, later on. Yippee!

Announcement for my ggsdolls shop customers!! I will continue to ship your purchases regularly. But, there may be slight delays within the USPS system, depending on USPS's guidelines for the pandemic. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

Thanks again for reading and stay safe everyone, ggsdolls

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Wonder Foam Paper Doll!!

While browsing my usual sites, I came across, this lovely vintage paper doll, that caught my eye!! I bought it and it arrived to me safe n sound, and I just have to share about it!!
1950 Vintage Dejournette Paper doll dubbed, "Jill Wonder Foam" Dimensional stand up doll. I believe she is from the 50s, and based on her fashions, they are of 50's styling too. This paper doll is huge!! About 17 inches of hugeness! Lovely face, the paper doll does have some creases, as previous owner bent her. But, she is still in lovely condition for her age. Her fashions are still in tack and uncut. Amazing! Sadly, she is missing the insert for her to stand upright. I will have to find or make a replacement.

 On her packaging it says, teen fashion doll. But from what she wears, most of her fashions remind me of young woman's style instead. Lovely evening dresses, to a night on the town, and casual wear too! I won't be cutting out her fashions and leave them mint. But, I will try to find other styles I want her dressed in, that I can easily print out or scan them to print...

  She will be great in a large photo frame as decor or display, along with her fashions. Made in Canada, for a company DeJournette MFG. Co. in Alanta, GA by The Copp Clark Publishing Co. I tried to see if there other girls, or maybe even other years, like 60s or 70s. Sadly, nothing...Darn.

 Definitely keeping for now. I know someone on Ebay is selling printed copies of this same paper doll, and in different sizes too! Nice. But, I prefer the original in all her large foamy glory!! Haha!
Last, I also picked up a brown pair of Bemybabycherry heels. Can't wait to use them on my gal!!
 Have a great weekend!! And stay safe!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls