Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Japan Shipment In!!

Finally, two of my boxes that should have left Japan back in March 23rd, made it home!! I'm now waiting on 3 other boxes...
I was able to find another cute Roly Poly with a hat in pink. She was purchased back in early March and I had her shipped as soon as possible. Which I did back on March 23rd. But, because flights into Guam from Japan has stopped altogether. So did my packages. Too my surprise at least two of them were in my mail box, yesterday!! I listed this cutie this morning and she sold in 3 minutes!! I will try to find more and in other colors. Sadly, export tax has gone up for purchases in Japan, along with shipping, and money exchange from Japanese Yen to US Dollar. So, my fellow customers please understand, these are things that I can't control unfortunately.
 I also got this lovely Momoko vinyl doll straw style hat. Often this one sells really fast and can be hard to find too. I want to try it on Cherry Chan. But, since I got those vintage NOS straw hats, now I may not need this one for Cherry? I will try it on her and see...

 Next, I used "Buy it Now" on Ebay for this lovely Hard Plastic Walker doll, similar to the ones I posted here. This one is also made in Hong Kong for the British Colony. Miss Blue Eyes is her name and she has her hair down, similar dress style, socks and shoes. She still has her original tag too. Her eyes are cute, but not as detailed as my other gals. Yet her dress is painted and more detailed. Her legs and shoes are more chunky and natural looking. She is also smaller in size.
 Tag says: "My Name is MISS BLUE EYES, I Walk, I Turn My Head, I Sleep. I am made in the British Colony of Hong Kong."

 Comparison photo of the two. Both lovely still!! Went uptown for essentials too, and I picked up another Jewel Blind Box, this time I got the Lemon necklace. Cute!!

 Last, I redressed Cherry Chan in a kimono. This is by Azone for Pure Neemo dolls. I had to use a pink satin ribbon to keep her Obi in place. Still lovely don't you think?

 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Finds and Hope!

It has been just surreal the past two months. I think back to when I took my sister to Japan and our mini vacay with each other in Honolulu and I feel very humbled by what we were able to experience prior to the Pandemic. We are blessed and I thank God everyday.

Nowadays, seems like a nightmare that we may not wake up from. So many have lost their lives from this virus, but we need to also look at the data and many have survived too. All of it can be overwhelming. But, I recall something my former co-worker and great mentor, Mr. Bill Paulino, once said to me, "God gives us what we can handle."  And I still hold onto that statement dearly. It gives me 'HOPE', and there is nothing wrong with believing. Guam hasn't had any new cases of COVID-19 for a few days now, though we are not out of the woods yet. It gives each of us, 'HOPE', nonetheless...

Here are a few finds to pass the time...
 While doing my searches online, I found this through Etsy, a lovely vintage ceramic floral bunny coin bank! I've found, the cat twice, and the bear once. It was nice to find this lovely bunny, she still has her original rubber stopper too! It is marked, "Foreign" and "B" for "Bond Ware" Imported. Definitely made in Japan like the others, and generally sold in UK and Europe. I may add her to the shop...? LOL
 Next, I adopted this lot of 3 vintage hard plastic sleep eyed walker dolls made in Hong Kong. In green, pink, and yellow through a lovely Etsy shop, named, "MarshallsToys". Charlene, the owner, was so sweet, she kept in touch with me, from purchase to its delivery! Just to make sure I received the dolls safely. How sweet!!

Sadly, the yellow one's eyes are somewhere in her head, and she came as a bargain with her sisters! No complaints here. The thing that drew me to them, are their scary sleep eyes they have, not to mention their dresses are like something out of "The Shining"!! Yikes!! They are made in the 1950s, and when you turn their heads, their legs move as if to walk. The arms can be repositioned in or out or behind. Love that feature too! They have molded on hair in a ponytail and worn white sashes on their pony tail so cute!! Plastic dresses, with molded on socks and Mary Jane shoes. I'm loving them so much!! Thank you Charlene for selling them!!

 I worked on the yellow dress dolly. I had to open her head carefully, remove her eyes, which were down her neck. Sadly, they didn't want to stay in place, so I opted to glue them in. Her arms are glue in place also from the previous owner, I guess. So she is not able to move her arms like the other two. Last, I repainted her shoes. She can still walk when you turn her head. She just isn't able to close her eyes when you lay her down. Still lovely to me!

 Next, I decided to redress Cherry Chan in a Momoko period fashion. She was just adorable in this one too! Last, I took my Rushton Bunny out to ride her tricycle in the yard. She even ventured out onto the road! Be careful little one!! LOL

 Hope you all are staying safe and staying home!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Recent Quarantine Finds!

Here are the online finds that came in, while quarantining...
I found this mini tricycle via Etsy, it was green and red mostly. So, instead I painted the body pastel blue. The seat, pedals and handles pastel pink. I love the way it turned out and will be so cute with a doll on display during Christmas or for scenic shots on the road. Notice the little bell ringer on the handle bar and even the tassels!! Reminds me of the old days growing up and my bike as a kid. Ahhh, memories! I haven't decided if I will keep or sell... LOL
 Next, while out getting groceries, I picked up another blind box, and low and behold, the cherry ring! Yippee! Definitely one of my faves, showcased on the box!! I wonder if it can fit Cherry Chan as a necklace?! I'll have to try that!

 Found one of the missing Saalfield books from my post here. Now, I have #523, "The Naughty Puppy." This was from Ebay with a "Buy it Now". Lovely minty condition too! Adding this book to my collection. I just love the graphics, and I have yet to read all the books... Haha!

 Last, these lovely vintage NOS (New/Old Stock) straw hats, with lovely felt flowers, a paper leaf, gold trim on the brim and ribbed pastel ribbon, that can fit Cherry Chan dolls perfectly. Even Momoko, Licca Chan or Barbie can wear them!! They come in pastel blue, pastel pink, and pastel yellow! Made in Japan sticker inside the hat. These are better then the vinyl or molded plastic ones that are expensive or really hard to find, that were made for Momoko!!

 Great for your Cherry Chan's Spring or Summer fashion ensembles!! I will add them to my shop later this week! So, be sure to look out for them!! Amazing vintage straw hat for your beautiful doll!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Finds Amid a Pandemic...

While most of us around the world are staying at home to try to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Thank goodness for some things that we are still able to do, like shop online. I know we all miss the things we took for granted like gatherings, and going to a restaurant to enjoy a meal with our families or with friends, even shopping at our favorite flea markets and antique shops... But, as surreal as all this is, maybe at the end of it, life as we know it will definitely be different, and many changes will have to take place. Until then, let's enjoy what we do have that is somewhat normal for us, and have hope.

Here are the finds that came in for me, last week and today...
I used "Buy it Now" option for this cute Columbia Toy vintage Plush rubber face Baby pajama bag. I love his colors of purple and turquoise. Still has original tag, and zippered fluffy pillow bag. You can take your fave PJs and keep them safely in this cutie's bag. Love his sad baby face and eyes. Similar to Rushton's or Knickbocker's Sad Rubber Face bears! In lovely condition. I didn't have to clean him up.
Next, I also received this lot of late 1800s Antique EAPG(Early American Patterned Glass), milk glass shakers. Each were sold separately, and I couldn't help but, get these four. I just love their colors and they reminded me of vanity perfume bottles. But, these are Victorian era salt and pepper shakers. They are in amazing patterns, like bubbles or quilted as one listing said. Neat! New to me for sure, and some can cost a lot of money. I just like the look of them! Even though each are singles and missing their partners. I hope I haven't started a new collection?! Haha!

Then, this 60s Ninohira plastic poodle from Ebay. She reminded me of another cutie I have and hit the "Buy it Now" button. She has mohair fur on her neck and head, you can twist her at her neck. Quite unique I must say. I may add her to the shop. Below, she is side by side with my miniature fur kitty cutie! Also, by Ninohira...

 Last, playing with my Rushton Bun, in her suit case, curled up with a favorite book for stay at home! Just the cutest!!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls