Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Powder in Caroline...

Today, I wanted to try out a wig I had for some time, when I used to own a Dollmore model abjd. This wig was purchased thru ebay, and are actually very expensive. So, I was thrilled to see that it fit Abielle. Even though the size of this wig is 9-10, two sizes larger. Still, it sits nicely on her head!
Then, I added a beautifully made Swarovski crystal necklace by a seller on Yahoo Japan. This necklace came with a brooch and was a part of a Marie Antoinette dress set. I kept the jewelry for it obvious beauty. Now, Abielle is ready for the royal court... - ggsdolls

Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Vintage Japan items for me and for the shop...

One of the last boxes to arrive this week, just before Christmas was much anticipated from Japan. Above, is a lovely princess style Gem Jewelry music box that I got for practically nothing...I've seen this showcased in Ayumi Uyama's book about girl's style in the early 50's and 60's in Japan. It can be seen on the dresser at the back of the book.
This lovely box looks like it is made with heavy metal and chrome finishes, but its actually pretty light to carry and is made of plastic. At the bottom is a knob to turn to make the music play when you lift the lid up. There is not much of an area for you to put jewelry in, but it's still a lovely addition to my collection...
Below, I combined all the other items that came in the box, some flip coloring books with lovely retro anime girls. Cute! I looked at each one and they all have some beautiful pages to color! I've added these to the shop already.
Then, also these cute acrylic pencil cases one by Sunstar named colleen, and the other by Macoto. Both pencil cases found were very cheap. These days, I try to look for better deals, and to make sure that I am not spending over my budget. Still deciding whether to list the pencil cases or not in the shop...I love em' both, LOL! - ggsdolls

Monday, December 20, 2010

More Styling Fun with Abeille!

On Saturday, I made this pillbox hat in blue when I found out that she couldn't fit into the hats that Lina had-_-; Still the blue felt hat worked well and I added this lovely Cher scarf. Now, she looks so stylish as a Pan Am Airline Hostess...
Then, I tried out this lovely large black bow that belonged to a JeNny doll fashion I had for some time, added the pearl necklace and now, she looks ready for a social event!
Today, I couldn't sleep. My mind was swimming with other ideas or looks I could give the wigs, just by changing a few accessories around... Above, she looks like Ginger Grant from "Gilligan's Island"!
Finally, I decided to make another pillbox hat, in red, this time. I am told she looks a lot like Jackie O! Yes, I am having fun styling these wigs and creating a 50's or 60's look for Abeille... I wonder what else I can come up with?? - ggsdolls

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monique Wigs on Abielle Mannequin Heads!

I wanted to see if I could change out the "Beehive" wigs from the Abielle mannequin heads I got from Japan. So, with some cash in hand, I ordered directly from Monique.com the wigs, that I've previously gotten for my Unoa 2nd, back in 2006. I especially loved this one style above and below...called "Penny". Its actually suited more for baby dolls, because of the pink ribbons that are on the hair at the top. But I always take them off.
Only because I like the flip do without the bows. This look is always sexy and reminds me a lot of the 50's and 60's hairstyle. Then, I also got this one below called "Claire", for some reason I thought it was called "Roxy", but was corrected when I found the same style I had ordered so long ago.
This style is more of a modern take on the flip do above. I looked it up online and its called a "Fringe" bob. Still this is another fave with its wispy blown away look and bangs, very wild, yet sheik!
I found two other styles I liked thru Monique.com and when I get them will showcase them here as well. I remember back in the early 70's my mother used to own several wigs and wig stands for the hairstyles she used to wear during parties, and other social events...these are just reminders of a special time in history....ahhh the memories! - ggsdolls

Monday, December 13, 2010

More Items From Japan...

I was excited to receive this latest Lot of items. From above you can see all the goodies that came in...mostly Masako W. or Margaret items. Some posedoll autograph books, and a large doll!

I was able to get this Lot of posedoll signature books pretty cheap. The dolls are cutely posed. I will be adding these to the shop soon!

This amazing Margaret Cady, mint in box too! A lovely cute cady for any desk or room. This one already sold fast in my shop!

The amazing Masako Watanabe address books were sold in a Lot as well and I noticed that one of the girl designs is also on one of my cases! Too cute. I will add one to the shop and one I will be keeping. I am currently working on the large doll, and some of the other items in the photo are showcased on my livejournal...- ggsdolls

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kawaii Scrapbook Albums Vintage Japan!

These amazing albums arrived from YJA, and I couldn't believe the cuteness of them. I am having a hard time deciding to let them go at all. Still for a vintage item they are in great condition!

The blue scrapbook above has amazing detail to each of the cute characters on the train. Some even feel fuzzy as you run your fingertips across them. I will need to have the words translated to find out what it says. But this one is just too cute!

This green scrapbook above most would say is the cutest one. I would totally agree if it weren't for the silly eye on the deer. Maybe if it wasn't there I'd love this one more. Still the cute little duck and flowers is soo Ayumi Uyama cute! Hopefully I will add one or the other or maybe both to the shop?! Look out for em'! - ggsdolls

Monday, December 6, 2010

Doing Christmas family photos!

I found this amazingly cute silver dress by wonderkids at Kmart! I just had to find white stockings and black maryjane shoes to match. When I did I wanted my husband to take our family photos for Christmas. We all tried to match our attire to this particular dress and it worked out well. My youngest daughter as the centerpiece!

She looks amazing, and if only I could find an infant size of this same dress then I would dress up one of my cloth dolls in it too! The photos turned out beautifully... - ggsdolls

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kiraz playing lazy...

Me: "So what are you doing today, Sophie?"
Sophie: "Uh, I'm doing it already!"

Me: "What exactly is that?"
Sophie: "Just lounging around..."

I'm just having fun with these bods...Sophie's looking groovy man, groovy! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Masako Watanabe Pencil Cases!

I recently won a Lot of pencil cases, and coloring book items thru YJA! This lot was amazing with cute paperdoll sheets, Macoto Notebooks, and my ultimate fave the two Masako W. pencil cases. I've seen a similar Lot like this and bidded on it before, but was outbidded. This Lot was smaller, but with the same or similar pencil cases.

Both pencil cases have the same artwork on the backside. Inside they both have the same features as well. I love the zippered closure, as compared to most magnetic closure pencil cases of later issues. The style of the pencil case is very simple, you have a place to put your pencils, pockets to put important information, and a card to write in your schedule for classes.

I may decide to keep both or just the one below. This one reminds me of the artwork I grew up with as a little girl. I remember my sister taking me to a shoe store that sold many items from Japan and we used to go there often to find beautifully made pencil cases and little trinkets boxes with this artwork for our collection...Ahhhh, the memories! - ggsdolls

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing with Itsy Bitsy Abigail Today...

I decided to take some pictures of Abby Today, just to update her photos in her original Secretdoll princess gown. This is one of the original fashions Secretdoll had before when they first sold Baby Fairies. I loved most of the old Knight, Witch, and Merlin fashions. I miss seeing the photos of them from before-_-;

But now, it's just very simple, and there are no well-made character type fashions like before, just simple tops and bottoms. I decided to ask Secretdoll to post his mini stop-motion movie of Yogi. He said he would...I hope he does. The film was, what made me want a Yogi even more so... - ggsdolls

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pure Neemo Body and Kiraz Head!

I recently bought a pure neemo body in the sitting position to see if my Kiraz head would have a place instead of being packed away. It was interesting how, placing the head on the neemo body gave it life. It was as if she was much more animated and alive! I was amazed at the different positions I could pose her in and just the realistic look of it! Now, my Kiraz head has a body, and she won't be stored away...

More photos of her in her body and in different outfits too!

- ggsdolls

Friday, September 24, 2010

My New Kiraz Head!

This lovely Kiraz was won thru ebay and its was actually a part of a plaque...I just fell in love with the head and wanted to see if I was able to remove it and borrowed the body of my one and only Kiraz doll left...the final product was amazing! I now have a Kiraz with long hair, and she is more beautiful than I expected... She is wearing a "Poupee Mecanique" Dress...Leo did an amazing job, it is actually a reproduction of a dress from a Kiraz ad. But Leo put his own tweaks...Lovely! I added black repro Licca boots, to show off her slender legs...

Below is part of the ad I sent Leo to create the lovely dress!
Below is the original head plaque before removing the head... ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lovely Flora Mitsuwa Beauty Soap!

I found this amazing set of 10 Mitsuwa Flora beauty soap from the 1950's or 60's! I was mostly interested in the cute pose dolly tag! Its just too cute and the smell of it is beautiful as well and reminds me of my mother's beauty soap...

I think it would be amazing to find the puppets they made for these commercials! I would so love to have one...LOL! - ggsdolls

Friday, August 6, 2010

My New Book Available Now...

For quite sometime I've been collecting an amazing doll made by Takara back in 1968. Her name is High Fashion Lina. She is a very unique doll I must say and I am proud to announce that I have written a book on her fashions,
and the information I've found whilst researching this particular doll.

I hope that you purchase my book and enjoy the full colored photos and tidbits I've written. This was actually my first large dolly collection. I know you will enjoy it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on my very first reference book! - ggsdolls

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amazing Vintage Tomy House Desk Rm!

I found this amazing vintage Tomy House desk
room mib and still with its original booklet
and instructions!

It only came with the desk, chair, lamp,
and shelf. But I added a few little items
from "Girls Style" rement collection.

I love the colors of the walls, and the blue
floor is nice, but faded. Still, its an amazing
little room addition to my Living Rm set, and
lawn set. Now, I have 3 parts of the set so far...
If I can find the other rooms that would be amazing! - ggsdolls

Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally My Elfdoll Dodo is here!

Finally, I paid off my layaway and Dodo left Korea and is here with me...My very first post here in this blog was about Dodo!

I am just thrilled to have her home...more Dodo spammage later! - ggsdolls

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Adorn Doll Collection Grows...

I recently, found a lot of 2 adorn dolls through yahoo Japan auctions. There were no bids, and it was ending within about 30 minutes. I bidded and won! I received them Saturday, and with the dolls cleaned up, I just couldn't wait to take pics and talk more about the unique things I found on them!

The one above is wearing a sheer lavender skirt with ruffles, a beautifully made crochet top, and lovely baby blue sequins on the bodice. Underneath the dress she is wearing a long camisole in silk. I had to add snaps to the camisole, and elastic to the skirt. This doll came with a beaded necklace, and two beaded bracelets.

This one is my fave of the two. Her dress is very similar to our native costume. Underneath this lovely sheer green gown, is a beautiful crochet fitted camisole. I decided to cut the hair of this one and make her hair a long bob, which ended up being a "shag" instead. Both girls have dark brown heels.

The unique thing about the first doll is that she has a part at the back side of her head. Which is why I gave her two ponytails. These two amazing finds are lovely addition to my growing Adorn doll collection! - ggsdolls