Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amazing Abeille Head Busts n Wigs...

I've posted more details to this in my live journal, but I just have to share
some more photos of this doll here too!

I am just loving these amazing head busts...

I love this amazing bright orange or hot pink "Beehive" style wig. I am still trying to figure out who or if there is a doll associated with these lovely busts... I have to admit this my fave of the two. The wig's curls are so nice and tight and in excellent condition considering their age...

This lovely bright yellow or is it pineapple colored "Beehive" wig needs resetting of the curls, but still this is an amazing look. Reminds me a bit of the roman times...with the columns and the style all she'll need is a white robe...LOL!

Closeups of their faces. They look somewhat like Supersize Barbie?

Beautiful elegant faces, nice long necks, cute turned up noses, and pastel pink lips. I would love to find out more about these gals... Definitely, an amazing piece of history! - ggsdolls

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