Friday, September 24, 2010

My New Kiraz Head!

This lovely Kiraz was won thru ebay and its was actually a part of a plaque...I just fell in love with the head and wanted to see if I was able to remove it and borrowed the body of my one and only Kiraz doll left...the final product was amazing! I now have a Kiraz with long hair, and she is more beautiful than I expected... She is wearing a "Poupee Mecanique" Dress...Leo did an amazing job, it is actually a reproduction of a dress from a Kiraz ad. But Leo put his own tweaks...Lovely! I added black repro Licca boots, to show off her slender legs...

Below is part of the ad I sent Leo to create the lovely dress!
Below is the original head plaque before removing the head... ~ ggsdolls


  1. Hello Gigi!
    I am a pose doll fan who has been buying from Dolly Be Mine. Her blog linked me to your blog and Etsy shop and there I discovered your recent sale of a Kiraz doll ad, with Edmund Kiraz. Like so many, I am absolutely in awe of these dolls. Is there any hope of ever getting one online?
    I am practically ready to start saving for trip to France and start knocking on doors! I live in Canada. I have perused French doll auctions online but I have not come up with anything. If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Leni

    1. HI Leni,

      There is hope but you must search often. Sometimes they show up thru ebay France. But as of late it has been rare that anyone has one up for sale. I hope someone soon sees the popularity of these beautiful dolls and reproduces them...please stay posted, you never know? many dolly hugs, gg