Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Masako Watanabe Pencil Cases!

I recently won a Lot of pencil cases, and coloring book items thru YJA! This lot was amazing with cute paperdoll sheets, Macoto Notebooks, and my ultimate fave the two Masako W. pencil cases. I've seen a similar Lot like this and bidded on it before, but was outbidded. This Lot was smaller, but with the same or similar pencil cases.

Both pencil cases have the same artwork on the backside. Inside they both have the same features as well. I love the zippered closure, as compared to most magnetic closure pencil cases of later issues. The style of the pencil case is very simple, you have a place to put your pencils, pockets to put important information, and a card to write in your schedule for classes.

I may decide to keep both or just the one below. This one reminds me of the artwork I grew up with as a little girl. I remember my sister taking me to a shoe store that sold many items from Japan and we used to go there often to find beautifully made pencil cases and little trinkets boxes with this artwork for our collection...Ahhhh, the memories! - ggsdolls

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