Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monique Wigs on Abielle Mannequin Heads!

I wanted to see if I could change out the "Beehive" wigs from the Abielle mannequin heads I got from Japan. So, with some cash in hand, I ordered directly from the wigs, that I've previously gotten for my Unoa 2nd, back in 2006. I especially loved this one style above and below...called "Penny". Its actually suited more for baby dolls, because of the pink ribbons that are on the hair at the top. But I always take them off.
Only because I like the flip do without the bows. This look is always sexy and reminds me a lot of the 50's and 60's hairstyle. Then, I also got this one below called "Claire", for some reason I thought it was called "Roxy", but was corrected when I found the same style I had ordered so long ago.
This style is more of a modern take on the flip do above. I looked it up online and its called a "Fringe" bob. Still this is another fave with its wispy blown away look and bangs, very wild, yet sheik!
I found two other styles I liked thru and when I get them will showcase them here as well. I remember back in the early 70's my mother used to own several wigs and wig stands for the hairstyles she used to wear during parties, and other social events...these are just reminders of a special time in history....ahhh the memories! - ggsdolls

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