Monday, December 13, 2010

More Items From Japan...

I was excited to receive this latest Lot of items. From above you can see all the goodies that came in...mostly Masako W. or Margaret items. Some posedoll autograph books, and a large doll!

I was able to get this Lot of posedoll signature books pretty cheap. The dolls are cutely posed. I will be adding these to the shop soon!

This amazing Margaret Cady, mint in box too! A lovely cute cady for any desk or room. This one already sold fast in my shop!

The amazing Masako Watanabe address books were sold in a Lot as well and I noticed that one of the girl designs is also on one of my cases! Too cute. I will add one to the shop and one I will be keeping. I am currently working on the large doll, and some of the other items in the photo are showcased on my livejournal...- ggsdolls

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