Monday, December 20, 2010

More Styling Fun with Abeille!

On Saturday, I made this pillbox hat in blue when I found out that she couldn't fit into the hats that Lina had-_-; Still the blue felt hat worked well and I added this lovely Cher scarf. Now, she looks so stylish as a Pan Am Airline Hostess...
Then, I tried out this lovely large black bow that belonged to a JeNny doll fashion I had for some time, added the pearl necklace and now, she looks ready for a social event!
Today, I couldn't sleep. My mind was swimming with other ideas or looks I could give the wigs, just by changing a few accessories around... Above, she looks like Ginger Grant from "Gilligan's Island"!
Finally, I decided to make another pillbox hat, in red, this time. I am told she looks a lot like Jackie O! Yes, I am having fun styling these wigs and creating a 50's or 60's look for Abeille... I wonder what else I can come up with?? - ggsdolls

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