Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Vintage Japan items for me and for the shop...

One of the last boxes to arrive this week, just before Christmas was much anticipated from Japan. Above, is a lovely princess style Gem Jewelry music box that I got for practically nothing...I've seen this showcased in Ayumi Uyama's book about girl's style in the early 50's and 60's in Japan. It can be seen on the dresser at the back of the book.
This lovely box looks like it is made with heavy metal and chrome finishes, but its actually pretty light to carry and is made of plastic. At the bottom is a knob to turn to make the music play when you lift the lid up. There is not much of an area for you to put jewelry in, but it's still a lovely addition to my collection...
Below, I combined all the other items that came in the box, some flip coloring books with lovely retro anime girls. Cute! I looked at each one and they all have some beautiful pages to color! I've added these to the shop already.
Then, also these cute acrylic pencil cases one by Sunstar named colleen, and the other by Macoto. Both pencil cases found were very cheap. These days, I try to look for better deals, and to make sure that I am not spending over my budget. Still deciding whether to list the pencil cases or not in the shop...I love em' both, LOL! - ggsdolls

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