Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beautiful Lina in Miss Nancy Fashion...

Along with the items I received from YJA, I won this lovely NRFB fashion for Miss Nancy by Oike Co. Japan. I took the fashion off the box and tried it on Lina today! She looks amazing too!

Lina looks so studious in this outfit. I love the tie, and how the yellow jumper fits. It's a bit loose, but is fixable. The outfit came with a sketch book, purse, hanger, shoes, and even a little poodle or miniature Shih Tzu! How cute is that!

This fashion definitely reminds me of the Japanese manga girlie fashions I've seen in the ads. One of my faves for sure! Now, Lina is ready for college, or just hanging out at the park to draw! - ggsdolls

PS Along with her little friend that wants to follow her!

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