Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest Haul from YJA!

I recently received the items above and below a few days ago, but because I've been so busy while my husband's been home I only now, have been able to post on them. Above, I was able to get some beautiful anime coloring books a lot of 2 kimono, and a lot of 5 each of the lovely girl anime coloring books. This lot was nice and minty too. I've already added to the shop and some have sold off already!
This lovely mint Rose of Versailles chain purse in white vinyl/suede. I was amazed to see this version of the purse. A very lovely piece as well.
Then, this lot above along with the small sewing kits, and origami tablets. I mostly wanted the lot for the wordcards! I love the anime girls on the front cover and this cute box of pins. The artwork reminds me of the older pose dolls of the 50's! I also got a NRFB Miss Nancy fashion, that I will show off later... - ggsdolls

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