Friday, January 14, 2011

Redressing GI Joe/Ultraman!

I Binned this amazing Ultraman TAC suit also called, "Captain Tuck" I loved the color and wanted something different from the usual Joe stuff. It was amazing how cheap it was, considering that the suit was missing the black boots, gloves, belt, weapon, and white scarf. Still my Joe looks handsome! I am slowly getting into more Ultraman stuff for my Joe's...
Here is another pic, with my flocked hair Joe after his cleanup. He still has some marker residue on his chin, but he looks good. It's amazing that his joints are nice and tight, and I just needed to replace his left hand. He is wearing a Palitoy Actionman military uniform, that I found with him in the lot. He will need to be reflocked, but for now, he's just fine.
The guys are amazing and a great addition to my collection. considering most of it is girl stuff. It's nice to see something else for a change.... - ggsdolls

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