Monday, January 31, 2011

Retro Jestia Japan Circus Toy Dogs...

My recent Jestia Japan Female Hound finally arrives! Lately, I've been smitten by these cute Circus Toy dogs from the 1960's! I found my first hound through Etsy, and now I have the female version above that I got through ebay...
My first male hound above. He is a lot more minty than the female, but still its nice to have a set of these cuties...These are vintage sawdust-filled animals, sometimes known as "Perky Pets". The story goes that a Japanese company needed to fill up some boxes of ceramics with something that would protect them during shipping. So, they included a bunch of pin cushions that were in the shape of animals. The importers loved them and so they started making them just to sell. A common manufacturer was Dakin, who called them "Dream Pets" later on. Today, you can still find many variations of these lovely Jestia pets...I've seen orange colored hounds too!

Both the hounds above looking like a lovely couple... - ggsdolls


  1. I just saw one like this on Ebay -

    1. HI Sunny,

      Yes, they often do show up on ebay! Thanks for sharing^_~ hugs, gg