Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More items I've made...and other stuff!

I really needed to update photos of my Kiraz doll above and finally with some time this morning I was able to accomplish that. This rare doll is just amazing, and seeing my friend Marc's girls, just made me want to collect a few more...but because of their rarity that'll only be a dream!

Then on Saturday, my daughter's book finally came home, and it turned out beautifully! She owns a DZ Ani and created a story for her, and all I basically did was take photographs. The way she set up the doll and the scenes were amazing! She's already started on her second book! If you'd like to purchase a copy just find it here!

Then of course, my latest jewelry made, mostly, showcasing Bear Rock 3. Many love the blue and orange coloring of the sunrise in this one, and I made a necklace above, earrings below,
and don't forget the cell charms too! Some have already been sold, but because I found out that the name Bear Rock has already been claimed, I will have to change the shop's name and will update you all when that is finalized too!
Still, I am glad that these beautiful items are loved! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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  1. Wow, that doll is amazing. I have never heard of that type of doll actually.