Friday, February 18, 2011

Some New Jewelry Items for the shop!

New cell charm of pink plumerias, will be added to the shop soon! Below a "Latte Stone" cell phone charm, and a few necklaces were completed and will be added to the shop soon!
I've been so busy trying to redo the shop and add some of Sam's photographs as well. So far, things are working nicely, I sold two necklaces already, and have a few on order! Funny how, my lovely dolls or anime collection jewelry, only sells to a small few of my fellow collector friends, but all my island jewelry, is much more so popular with my family and friends on facebook...its all good though!
Above, a lovely Guam hybiscus flower in red cameo. I love the colors here! And below, I found some medium sized black cameos that I can use for smaller sizes, cause not too many people are into the larger cameos as jewelry to wear. Instead, I am told, many of them will hang these necklaces in their cars to remind them of Guam! It's all good for me. I am happy that my babies will go out into the world...LOL! - ggsdolls

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