Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YJA items arrive on my Bday!

While we headed up for my bday lunch at Tony Roma's, we checked the mail and I found that a Lot of items I had won from YJA arrived. I mean literally, all these items were in one lot, and I don't have enough time to even show all of the items on this post...all for just 140yen!
Of course s/h made up for it though...still so many amazing things, and most will be added to the shop. The lot included two kokeshi beaded dolls, a vintage telephone bank, a stuffed bunny, Adochan keychains, a soap case, etc... The swimmer bag above was holding a panda post card by Rune Naito. I just love the bag with the cute deer on it too!
One of my faves above, a vintage topperware, kinda small, but I love the floral details. Most have already been added to the shop, but the only reason I got the lot was for a cute girly pendant that was in it!! I know wild huh?!! - ggsdolls

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