Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's the Little Things that make a Difference!

I have been looking out for kitchen items and other little extra things here and there to add to my Bungalow. I found this amazing site that has many of the same items I've seen on ebay and for a lot cheaper! So here are some pics of the extras I received in the mail today to make the dollhouse more homey!! I ordered from MiniModernistas these lovely matching throw pillows in Japanese print, and modern carpet in above photo. Along with the books and magazines from an online dollhouse shop!

The Kitchen got a different look today, with the added area rug from etsy, Fruit bowl with fruit, milk jug and full glass, bowl with wisk, and also this cute new rolypoly doll by rement a bit larger than the tiny one!

Roly poly's on the loose...

Looking thru the window and you can see the dish soap, little dish rack I found on ebay, and dishes!

I redid the front door and added an adaptable Tudor Pane. It looks so much more elegant now and not just a see thru hole! I added the red daisies, and trellis with crawling vines(not shown)! All from this amazing dollhouse shop online! - ggsdolls