Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Play Ballet Galoob Doll Two...

When I first returned back to Guam, I tried to get back into searching for items thru ebay, YJA, etc. and I came across from my usual search on ebay, another lovely Play Ballet ballerina doll from Galoob! This is I think a version I also did not own back in the early Nineties, but I decided to bid on her anyways, and of course won with absolutely no other bidders! She finally arrived safely to me today all the way from UK! She will be added to my PB collection...

Her name is "Catrina" wearing a pink and purple tutu. Her hair in braids. She came with her original box, connector, and comb. Missing her booklet/instructions. Below is my other PB ballerina, Danielle. I've never owned her version and I very glad to have them both now!
- ggsdolls

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