Monday, June 27, 2011

Vero Living room/Kitchen Updated...

I received in the mail, some long awaited extras for the bungalow! Over the weekend I got the blue chaise, and today in the mail came the Lundby wall frames, and Mini Modernistas throw pillows, that I bought a few weeks back. Yes, I bought more of them. I love the sizing and the cute styles they have on the site too! Probably will get more when I have the funds! Finally, this Vero room is looking more like the room I wanted it to be!

The other side of the living room. I decided to try using sculpey to help put up portraits and other things, I can only hope it doesn't leave an oily spot like the clay tack does-_-;

Then, I also wanted to show off the kitchen side so far...I'm still awaiting a stove, and finding just the right fridge is harder than I thought. Still the kitchen area is lovely. I'm just enjoying every moment I get to fix and rearrange the Vero! - ggsdolls

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  1. The rooms are looking lovely. I love how you've used the Re-Ment tray on the wall, it looks really cute! Those folded paper curtains are so effective too!