Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bodo Hennig Living Room Set from Germany, Etc.!!

My daughters and I checked the mail Yesterday, and nothing was there for us to pick up, but when we checked the PO today, there were so many little boxes, it was like Christmas in August!! First, my much anticipated Bodo Hennig Living room set arrived all the way from Germany. I won this lovely set thru ebay and the seller was so kind and patient. The set came with soo many extras, not all shown. I also received some tiny items from ebay to add to my dollhouse! My one daughter who owns the Moritz 2-story house, is simply having a blast finding things to add to her dollhouse too! She received a small pond for her yard, and a plate of hotdogs with chips for her dolly. It's fun to see her get the items she paid for with her birthday money and put them to good use!

Anyhow, on to the items for today!

This amazing Bodo Hennig Living room set is from the 1970s? I think, and comes with an orange/wood sofa with matching chair, lovely wood coffee table, and large orange/wood shelf system. It's actually quite large, but fits just right into the Vero bungalow. The set also came with a floor lamp, TV, many books, newspaper, ceramic flower decor, dog, girl dolly, doily, wooden radio, and a small lamp seen above glued down onto the shelf. Most of the extras I gave to my daughter for her house. I mostly wanted the furniture. I love orange color and works really well with the dark wood too!

I received this lovely set of miniature books with the "Cat in the Hat" theme, and 2 gifts from the seller as well, since the items were shipped out late. Still the miniature are so detailed and well-made. A lovely set of books for my shelves! The shop can be found here via etsy!

Tiny US coins to add to my rement piggy bank. these are actually tiny made coins given as I guess gifts to people after taxes? Found them thru ebay. I remember seeing these tiny coins from a former student of mine who was parading them around the classroom during break and trying to get other kids to buy em'! LOL. I looked at them and didn't realize they made these. But I must say I remembered it and tried to find them to fit into my rement piggy bank!

I also received a cute lovely wooden clock for my kitchen, not shown here, but maybe later! Now, I just have to rearrange my Vero house and decide what look to have it in, these days...LOL!

Finally, I also received in the mail this amazing piece of furniture a G-Plan Librenza! First of all, thanks to the lovely, HBean for her beautiful dream of having one made in miniature, most especially to the Lovely Pepper for giving us the dimensions, etc. to help me have one made. Finally, to the truly super amazing wood works of Minisx2 on etsy! If you recall I bought a lovely set of boomerang tables from this same shop. I asked Patie if should could make this lovely Librenza in 1:12 scale, and sure enough. She did! I commissioned her of course and Wow! The end result was similar, but it has a different air of Minix2 style to it. This Librenza has two sides, one side with the same shelving as the one Pepper made, but the other side has sliding doors as seen in the photo below! I love this piece so much! It will be used as a divider in the living rm/ dining area! So, 1950's loveliness for sure! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. this is really amazing. I want one in big and one in small.

  2. Oese, Thanks dear! I totally agree, wish I could find one in our size too! hugs, gg