Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gashapon Vintage Sekiguchi Doll Collection, etc....

I recently came across via YJA a lovely gashapon by Yujin collaboration with Sekiguchi to remake 5 of their vintage antique celluloid dolls and toys. These lovely miniatures are just small remakes of the large versions and much more afforable if you can find them. Each are place in plastic bags with tag, "Celluloid Doll" on it and a booklet showcasing the other dolls/toys you can collect. There is the famous kewpie doll, girl kewpie, flying kewpie style doll, and two bears. I've always wanted to own the girl kewpie or a bear, but seeing the actual vintage versions, the prices in yen is way too expensive for me-_-; But I am happy that I was able to find one and get her!

Such a cutie in person too. I couldn't help but open the packaging to display her. She's a bit too large for decoration in the dollhouse, but she's a welcome addition to my doll cabinet!

Then, I also decided to make some Keane picture frames in my Vero and other things...

Lovely Keane Go-Go Children!

In the bedroom, Sandy's coat in the closet...just having fun with this shot! - ggsdolls

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