Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Lovely Mid Century Modern Plaid Sofa!

I recently won via ebay this lovely plaid sofa with a sleek look to it, and it reminds me of mid century modern style. I know it's from Germany, but I do not know the maker or year. I'm guessing it might be 1950's or so...

Then, I also, received a wood floor sheet to change out the lovely Vero floor, when I get tired of just the grey spots!!LOL! Unfortunately, the online shop only had this mixed color dark and light wood sheet. So, I figured it doesn't hurt to try it out. I think I need to stain it though?

Lovely Plaid sofa above. All I need to do is find a matching chair, in solid green or red!

I also changed out the curtains, and you can see the mixed color wood floor in the larger room of the Vero. Sandy has also has moved in. Did you notice she a lot taller than usual? Yup, I changed out her body out and into a Tomy Saila Mom's body. She is able to bend at the knees too! She is still a bit short for this scale, but she likes being in the Vero!

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