Friday, August 12, 2011

Making a 3-Tiered Lamp from the 50's/60's...

Back in June, I came across this lovely photo via ebay from a mid-century modern magazine. Kept the auction photo of course for reference, and decided to see if I could create the lovely hanging lamp you see in it, on the right!?

auction photo not mine.

So, I decided to try to see if I could recreate such a lamp? I found via etsy the fluted colored beads, and then they arrived so quickly. I took a first attempt to create it, using teriyaki sticks, and foam. I painted the sticks after I cut them down to size, then used a bit of mounting putty to keep the beads in place. The sticks were too thick, and it did not look right.

In my second attempt, I tried some wire I had from a previously own abjd, but the wires looked too thin and kept bending or were just not beautiful to look at all bent outta shape and not straight. So, I gave up at that point, and told myself, I will just have to figure it out another time, and set the project aside...

Just before falling asleep that night, my mind, just shouted, try using Q-tips, and a large button!! I guess it was an epiphany, cause, when I started to work on it again the next morning, using the Q-tips worked! The Q-tips were also able to fit nicely into an extra wall plug for dollhouses as a base! The large button holes were not large enough for the stick part-_-; but the plug base worked better! So, here are the end results below...

The Q-tips are still a bit thick, but not as thick as the teriyaki sticks. Still it worked out nicely, and now the Bar area has some nice lighting!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Great idea! The lamp looks very stylish!

  2. Carla and Lilli, thank you so much! I had fun putting them together! hugs, gg