Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miniature Retro Dog by Violet Pi on Etsy!!

I've recently commissioned Violetpi on etsy to do a retro plush dog like my large one! See pic, below. My plush Shih Tzu from Japan...

Jen, finished the job so quickly and shipped her out as soon as I sent payment. She also showed me photos of my miniature retro dog, and she looked gorgeous! But what's even more so amazing, is actually having the tiny super cute dog in person!! I am just flabbergasted! She looks so much like my large version, and the cute gold trim collar and bow, is just too kawaii for words!

Jen, you rock dear! An amazing job, and I am so pleased with the end results. I want to commission her for another retro doggie soon!!

My tiny retro dog in the Vero. She a lovely scale size for the 1:12 Dollhouse! Yay! These little dogs can also be a great size friend for blythe, or other dolls! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh my goodness! That is an amazing interior!! And she looks so happy there!


  2. Jen, thank you ever so much dear! I am just thrilled to have her! many hugs, gg