Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Rement in the Kitchen, New Doll Book, and More...

The past few days have been relaxing and busy all at once. Especially since my family's been home. So, I was finally able to take some updated pics of the Vero kitchen with more rement items I've added to it! I also, found this amazing doll/toy book that used to be owned by the lovely Gretchen Moss of Shop66, and was purchased at the lovely store of "IttyBittyPrettyDolls" on etsy! A lovely addition to my growing doll/toy book collection!

My vintage Germany cabinet is now filled with many rement items above, and then I also found this lovely little coin purse from a rement set and the coins from another. Someone is going to do laundry!

I couldn't help it, but I had to get more lovely tiny mags from DLaney's store! These are a few of the one's I bought above, Time, Life magazines, and...
Better Homes and Garden mags, along with another set of Archie, and Betty & Veronica digest comics. Some for me and some for my daughter to add to her dollhouse!

A lovely book called, "Your friends" how appropriate is that. I must say, I think even nowadays, our collections and treasures have become our friends to take us away from the, at times, troubling world we live in... The book has many vintage dolls and toys from Japan in the 60's. Above cover showcases the Margaret doll and popular plush dog similar to Ayumi Uyama treasures in her book!

In one of the pages above, showcasing a lovely AA version of Sunchan doll by Oike Co. Too cute indeed! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls