Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Obsession with Mid Century Modern Living Rm Sets!!

Since finding my plaid sofa, I've been on the hunt for the matching chairs, but instead, I've mostly come across the same style sofas, with either one or both chairs! Still, it is amazing to see all of those that do show up!. Excitedly, I have received my second set just today! It's lovely to see that this living room set is almost complete, and even more so that it looks so good in the Vero!

The sofa set above was a buy it now on ebay. I just couldn't resist getting it. It definitely shows age, but I love the fact that I have one of the side chairs. It would be even better if I could find a complete set...Even those go for a lot of moolah...oh well. I am still happy that I've snatch this one up. The material is more like a dark tweed, than plaid like my other sofa. It's amazing the styles I've seen on ebay so far! Makes me want to get them all! Well, one can wish right? LOL! - ggsdolls


  1. That sofa set looks really great and still very modern after all these years!
    I recently bought a single red and black checked armchair of this series, I wish I could find more pieces of it!

    Greetings, Lilli

  2. Hello Lilli,

    Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts dear! Wow a red and black checked armchair, I may have seen it. It's true, I hope we both can find more pieces, it's sad when we only find parts of the set. But it is nice to have any part^_~ many hugs, gg

  3. This set is gorgeous! I'd love to sit on that sofa and feel the fabric :-)

  4. Rebecca, thanks so much dear! Yes, I totally agree. I've seen a few in different prints, like grey plaid, orange plaid, and the green n red plaid, but not this style of print! Many hugs for your lovely thoughts too! gg