Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Lovely Items Arrive from YJA!

I was hoping to receive in the mail today my haul from Yahoo Japan, and I did! I haven't really been buying via Japan for many reasons. One being that the dollar is very low as compared to early 2000-_-; So, we end up spending even more not just for the items we want, but because the value of the dollar is doing so poorly right now...Ugh, terrible for us, but wonderful for those in other countries where they can spend less and have more...oh well! On to the goodies!

Retro Cute Dog sew Kit. I was surprise this one ended so cheap and with no other bidders. There was even a retro cat kit, but I chose to be safe and only got the one kit. Still I love the example on the packaging, you can see the lovely Choco candies like umbrellas. I remember always buying those at the store to munch on, and I used to try to keep the handles... Now, all I need to do is be brave and put the kit together!

At the back you can see the pre-cut felt, etc. to make the cute retro doggie!

I also found this lovely Oike Co. Sunchan original doll loose and missing her shoes. She needs some cleaning and maybe I can find replacement shoes. She will be added to my shop eventually...

This lovely retro girl anime pencil case, cheap and no bidders either...I thought maybe something was wrong with the case, but in person there is nothing wrong with it and the case is truly lovely. The style of the anime is a bit more from the early 70's rather than the late 60's. Not sure of the maker, might be sun star?

Lastly, this truly beautiful Masako Watanabe Angel Case. This case is actually a number two for me. The first one I found had just a princess on the front, this one has two lovely beauties in it along with a castle! I was truly delighted to win this one, and for a lot less too. Usually I am outbidded by other collectors for this case-_-; Maybe it was the "Bon Holiday" recently? Still a lovely addition to my collection for now!

I miss being able to buy beautiful items like these via YJA, but it's okay, my pocket book doesn't! LOL!! - ggsdolls

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