Monday, September 26, 2011

Keeping Busy, Redoing 'House of Moritz'...

I finally decided to put the 'House of Vero' up on a shelf stored away, and took out the 'House of Moritz'. The dollhouse sat on my dresser all week, reminding me that it was there and needed something done-_-; As much as I dislike changing anything from the original, I decided the poor bungalow needed a rehaul. The wallpaper was cracked and torn in several places, and the floor is even worse with rips and tears as well. So, I thought most of the week, what could I do with the two rooms in this house? hmmm...

As I awaited for some flooring, and tiles to come in the mail, it dawned on me. I love the look of wood walls, it reminded me of the 60's and 70's as well as the lovely living room set that 'call-small' had on her blog about "Rooms in Miniature" So, I did some researching and looked closely at the walls she had in that particular room and the carpeting...and that was it! I decided on a wood wall look with green or cream carpeting!

When the wall paper arrived Friday, I started to work on the room Saturday! The wall paper which was originally bought as flooring, was more useful on the wall than on the floor. It's actually printed out wood planks on matte thick paper and it was cheap versus the actual tiny wood planks set on paper backing that i had used on the Vero. As for the carpet, I used what was left over from my daughter's dollhouse garden! Yup, green grass...though in the room it just looks like green carpet! I think?! LOL!

Here is the before and after shots! I am very pleased at how the room turned out! Now, to work on the other room!

Cracks on some sections of the floors and the wall paper at the right corner buckling.

The new wallpaper is glued down and carpet is temporary.

The other side of the room. - ggsdolls

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