Sunday, September 11, 2011

Obsession with Mid Century Modern Living Rm Sets Part II!

Today, in the mail. I received my latest mid century modern living room set. Similar to my last set, this one has square metal feet with white rubber stoppers. It's in a lovely orange and red plaid fabric, and seems a bit larger than my last set, but maybe it's just the print that makes it look that way?

Anyways, I ended up changing out the curtains, and a few other items to make the set look more interesting. But just like the second set I got, this one only came with the sofa, and matching chair. Still a lovely addition to my ever growing sofa sets! - ggsdolls


  1. you are unbelievable! I love to see all your sets, even though I saw them alot in german blogs or on german ebay. I'm glad for you! And so nice to see how you fotograph it. Very cool. Go on! When I once want to reduce my collection I will offer you some gems.
    Hugs from Germany

  2. Oese, thank you dear so much. Yes, please if you ever want to let go some gems. I am here^_~LOL! I am glad you enjoy reading my blog and seeing my sets. Much love and hugs to you for your kind words dear! gg