Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old Toy Candy Suit Case from My Childhood!

Stored away for so many years! I finally remember i still had the suitcase and took it out of a container holding mostly old albums and books! This candy/toy suitcase, I am not sure where I found, other than in a Mom and Pop store. The suitcase used to hold some chocolates. I of course ate them, and kept the case. Left some stickers on and added some as time passed. Like Licca, and other manga stickers along the way. I remember using it for my Jenny doll as a vacation suitcase for trips or when she decided to run away from her parents for not allowing her to stay with the man she loved! LOL!

Boy, the stories I used to come up with back then! Anyhow, it's amazing how this survived many typhoons, a son, a daughter, and not be given away! I had little books, magazines, a diary, some barbie cash, passport, and plastic barbie size watches inside too! I even found tiny size Coke cans! It's nice to see something from that long ago, survive thru the if only I could find all my dolls from back then -_-;

The front of the suit case. I kept the travel logo, and added the puffy sticker rose, and anime girl. I later added the plastic tab you see with gold tie string, to look like a name tag on the bag!

Inside, I added a Glico Licca sticker, a sticker of a house, and other tiny stationary stickers...

The back side of the case. Licca sticker, and various tiny stickers...too funny! - ggsdolls


  1. How wonderful to find stuff from your childhood! I found my Barbie stuff in my parents' attic -- what a goldmine. So much fun to go through.

  2. Beth, thanks dear for your lovely thoughts! Oh, how I wish I could still find my dolls from then. You are so lucky. This was only one piece I actually kept, and didn't give away to nieces, cousins, etc.! LOL. many hugs, gg