Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Items from YJA!

I couldn't help but treat myself to these two lovely items from Japan! First, I won this very simple remake of another sekiguchi celluloid toy. Which I thought was similar in size to the first gashapon toy I won, but in fact, this bear with box is a bit larger in scale. Still a lovely addition to my vintage sekiguchi celluloid toy collection! Secondly, this amazing princess doll similar to my first French style posedoll I won back in 2009. This one has a slimmer face and body along with a beautiful unfaded flowing gown. I thought I would be outbidded for this beauty, but thank goodness I wasn' to the photos!

The vintage remake of a celluloid seki bear with box. Sadly, the toy is not jointed so you are not able to move the arms and legs. Still he is cute and a reminder of the expensive original version! LOL.

The amazing princess french style pose doll. Her dress is in lovely condition. Her face and hands need a bit more pigment, but otherwise she is gorgeous! Same size as my first version back in 2009 about 24inches tall.

She is a more pale blonde. Slimmer face and hands. See comparison photo below!

They are like sisters! - ggsdolls

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