Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Caco DollHouse Miniature Dolls, and Lamps!

I have been wanting to find a vintage Caco miniature dollhouse girl doll for some time now, especially since seeing this cute gal on a friend's blog here, It's on her banner photo! I knew a little about the vintage Caco dolls made in Germany for the 1:12 scale and smaller scale dollhouses. I even bought a set of family Caco dolls sometime back. See below.
 But I didn't know that there were girl dolls with hair! I've seen the later issues of 70's Moms with hair, but the children with hair! I think they are much cuter than the one's with molded on hair. Though I still like molded on hair as well, but to own one of the girls with hair, would be a joy...

Finally, while doing my usual searches via ebay, I found this little girl with a buy it now, and she was just in the states! I love her dress and she has lovely brown braided hair! What I didn't realize is how small she is! She's much smaller than my first Caco girl doll! So, she might have been made for the 1:18 scale dollhouses?
Still she is a great addition to my dollhouse dolls collection, and a wee visitor to her cousin Sandy!
Then, I also wanted to update  and take pics of the vintage dollhouse lamps I have so far. The last two on the right are made in the USA and the others are made in Germany. A girl can't have too many lamps to decorate her house...LOL!- ggsdolls


  1. I´m happy to see,
    that you found your girl!
    I love the Caco Dolls
    and there are so many different...
    And yes, there are also small ones
    for 1:18 scale -
    I´m actually looking for these children
    for several months...


  2. Irmchen, Thanks dear friend! I love your girl. She is so unique and special. I truly agree with you, that they are all unique and each have a style of their own! Many hugs for your lovely thoughts, gg