Thursday, October 20, 2011

1950's Chein & Co. Tin Litho Baby High Chair!

I was looking for a wooden style vintage high chair for my little pouet, and ended up finding this amazing piece! Nice and practically new! This is a 1950's Chein & Co. Tin Litho Baby doll high chair in pink. I love the little bear design on the chair. Reminds me of the old style baby high chairs of the day! The company produced these lovely tin baby furnishings in New Jersey. There is a playpen, crib, and even a closet. All made of tin litho! I really wanted it to see if my pouet was able to fit into it, and she does!

It came to me all the way from Ohio! Stands about 8inches tall, can fit up to 8" tall baby doll. The tray part can be lifted to accommodate the baby doll being placed into it. I love the vintage look of it more so.

Now, to protect it from Guam's salty sea air-_-; Oh boy...
- ggsdolls


  1. what type of doll is that She is so adorable

    1. She is a squeak type baby doll from the 50s n 60s. hugs, gg