Friday, October 14, 2011

1950's Style Living Room Set Germany...

While doing my regular searches to see what I might fall in love with on ebay Germany. I found this set, which looked a bit tattered. I figured no one would bid on it and decided to see if I'd win...sure enough I did! I just received it the other day and at first I thought I might not like the set, but seeing it in person, I think its a great, to identify it and find out a bit more??

The table and shelves are wood, with small wooden books glued into the shelf system. The chairs are made of wood and plastic arms, I think? I do not care for the checkered design, but its still lovely. I had to reglue one of the legs on the table. I am thinking this set is from the 1950's? not sure...

It's in the House of Moritz for now...unfortunately, the table just doesn't fit with all the chairs in this small living space. Still a lovely set I must say^_~ - ggsdolls

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