Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally Done with Redoing the House of Moritz!

In the mail, the last of the tile flooring arrived and I immediately, began working on the floors in the kitchen side of the Bungalow. I think I did too much of a rush job, cause the doorway looks a bit sloppy-_-; ugh. I may have to redo it??

I was trying to go with a new look to the kitchen side. I found myself gravitating towards striped wallpaper, and tiled floors! I printed the wallpaper out myself in seafoam stripes, then I had purchased green slate tiles via ebay. Maybe I should've stuck with that all the way thru the process of the floor, but I thought a grand entrance way would look nice in white tile...with some green accents...

The curtains were from my daughter's two story house and she didn't like them anymore, so I was able to use them here. I used part of the Crailsheimer kitchen set sink, then also from a Lot of items on ebay Germany, I got this lovely stove cabinet. I broke out my Princess Patti dining table and chairs. Which looked quite well in this color scheme.

The pots and ladles hanging above the sink I found at our local craft store! It was a miracle to find too! They finally decided to bring in more miniatures. Something I am glad about. I was able to find some kitchen items there to add to this scene. Like the red white speckled pots, jars, bottles, a pitcher with glasses set, and cute seahorses wall decor(not shown).

I also received the sunflower vase n flowers from Germany above. The cabinet underneath is from a living rm set I won some time ago and received from my dear friend who kindly was able to receive them for me. I will show them a bit later! That's all for now! - ggsdolls

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