Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Latest Lot of Kruger Postcards...

I was able to buy from Sillyshopping her Lot of vintage dolly postcards! She was such a sweetie and said I could buy them!! They were a bit more expensive then usual, but so worth every penny! So here they are...
Above, the cute boy and girl being asked to be proposed too. I love her blue pokadot dress, same dress as on the skater doll!
The card above is a fave. I love the seductive look of the redhead. Minus the smoking part...LOL!

Another sailor boy and girl love card. I especially like her dress and basket purse above.

Then my other ultimate fave is this swing with girl and boy being romantic. I'd love to find the swing in this card! Yes, I am obsessed with these dolls and cards...but it's all good!! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh, I love these cards! Saw them before and thought I could get them for you...too late ;)
    The little sailor card is my favourite♥

  2. Missesgrim, awe, you are too kind dear! I am still looking out for more...LOL! many hugs, gg