Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Addition to my Pefekta Wee Whimsie Collection!

She actually arrived to me earlier this past week. But lately, I've been just out of sorts and haven't really been taking doll photos or documenting my collections of items that come in the mail...ugh. Must be that time of the month-_-;

Anyhow, here she is a lovely Wee Whimsie named, "Love Me" or Luvver Duvver. She came with her original outfit, but sadly missing her shoes that glow and say, "Love Me". Still she is a great addition to my growing Wee Whimsies collection!

Missing a button on her coat and her shoes. Her hair is a bit nappy. But at least she still had her bow on her hair!
My 3 Wee Whimsies, ready for a shoot for my next postcard set!! - ggsdolls

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