Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some Posing Fun Today!

I decided to redress the girls and have a bit of a photo shoot with them!
Here is my blonde girl, wearing Mattel's Sister Small Talk pj fashion. Her slippers are actually the brunette's original sandals! I noticed while redressing them, that this doll is more solid of the two dolls. I am guessing she is more original to the Italian brand than the brunette.

Above I redressed the brunette doll in the same line of Mattel Sister Small Talk doll fashions. This dress is one of my faves. Very groovy and psychedelic 60's to me. Her body is much more thin and rubbery compared to the blonde, maybe a copycat mold? Still I am happy to have them! More pics to come with these cuties...I need to name them! - ggsdolls

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