Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dollfie Dream Head Arrived!

I found via DOA and really cheap Volks Dollfie Dream Head for a lot less than I would have gotten it buying via Volks USA. I was sad to read that Volks USA only sends via UPS. Which is nice, but its just so expensive compared to sending USPS.

So, while searching the for sale thread. I cam across this seller selling a DD head with faceup and eyes too! I sent a PM and sure enough bought and she mailed out the head fast. I just received it and tried her out on my Leeke Ariana's artistic body. The resin match is not too bad. As the head was a snow white and the body was normal skin.

Here is the head pic of the seller, not mine:

Lovely anime faceup and eye are animetic eyes too!

I had a hard time putting in the animetic eyes and will try them later. So, I used Ariana's eyes in the pic above. I love her turned up nose and anime face. I really want to try to get myself a Mini DD body and more eyes...I may have to use Volks Japan? We'll see. I don't know why I didn't get myself into Dollfie Dream dolls before. I love the vinyl quality, it makes me not worry that if I drop her she'll break! A plus for me! - ggsdolls

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