Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally, Migliorati Pinocchio and Mini Moo Cards!

Back in Oct. 2011, while I was searching for La Birinchina dolls, I came across a Pinocchio doll also made by Migliorati. This doll led me to seeing an ended etsy purchase of a handsome Pinocchio with jointed arms, and legs. He was nude and was in great condition. I messaged the seller and just asked a few questions. I must say I was smitten and wanted one for my collection, should I find him.

I even asked a person I knew from Italy if she could help me find one, but sadly, he was rare and most Italian sellers wanted a lot of money for them. So, I decided the search was off. Til' earlier this month! I came across a Pinocchio auction on ebay, and the starting bid was not as expensive as most would charge. So, I decided to bid on him. The seller was only willing to send within the USA, so I was lucky, I didn't have any other bidders but myself. It ended I won and he arrived to me today!

On the left you can see his body and the jointed areas. He is able to sit and stand. On the right, he is wearing his original outfit, with a lot of age and wear to it. His hat is glued on, and I have to somehow fix the rips, and take off the glue adhesive. His shoes sadly, are missing its ties. But overall he is in great condition for his age and stands about 23inches tall!

My goal is to have him redressed in the Disney type fashion with the shorts and find him some cute red shoes. I like the hat, just needs fixing. He's definitely a treasure and a great addition to my collection!

Also, I received in the mail today. My order of Mini Moo business cards. I love, their service is great and the cards come in fast too! I just had to make a set of these mini cards!

I chose 20 of my favorite pics, it was hard but fun to do. Now, to make nice big postcards with some of my new pics... later on! rocks! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Hello, I was wondering if you had any info on this type of Pinocchio doll by Jesmar?
    You can email me at Thanks! I'd love to know more about my new real boy!

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Sure! I will be in touch! hugs, gg