Monday, January 23, 2012

I made Pinocchio a Disney Outfit!

I decided Pinocchio looked better in his Disney outfit. I'm glad he came in his original fashion and shoes, but I would rather have him in the Disney Pinocchio style outfit. So, I found myself some felt in my container of stuff from when I worked at an elem. school, and on Saturday thru today I worked on a similar outfit for him!

The end result above. I didn't have enough red felt, but I was still able to make the red shorts. I decided to attach it to the yellow shirt top. Added buttons and a blue ribbon tie. It turned out nicely. I was even able to make him some shoes! Now, he looks sweet and just like Disney's Pinocchio, sorta! I kept the hat, as I still have to figure out how I am going to remove it without more of the felt sticking to his head-_-; I must say he is a sweetheart! Thanks for reading...
- ggsdolls


  1. Aubrey, Hi and thanks so much. I truly appreciate your lovely thoughts! hugs, gg