Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Japan Loot Arrives...

I just couldn't wait to get this Lot from YJA! You'll see why...!

Between December and January, I found some items, I've been searching for and others I just happened upon!

This lovely Venice Margaret Case with Mirror, is about the size of a soap compact. But is probably used for keeping hair accessories, makeup, or maybe even jewelry! I just happened upon this item with no bidders and got it for the shop!

This Lovely Angel case also with Masako W.'s art, was, honestly, a shock not to be outbidded. This item too, I just happened upon as well. When it arrived, I assumed it was like my two other angel book cases, but this one was very different, in size! It is much smaller than the past two I acquired. Same styling, along with mirror and chain that holds case open. A smaller version. I may keep this one in my collection?!

This lovely pose dolly jewelry accessory case, was something I have tried to win for some item. I've seen them up for auction at least 3 other times and was always outbidded. But this time I actually won it. A lovely, small sitting pose doll in the front cover along with a doggy, dollhouse, and floral decor...how could one not resist. Inside it holds lovely minty jewelry accessories, like a brooch, clips, necklace, etc.! I may add this to the shop...

These two items above, I've been excited to receive! First, the soft baby doll on the left, I was hoping would be similar to the cover of the Little Friends doll book(see below), but when I photographed it side by side, sadly, they were not the same doll. Still this one is lovely, minty and has a mechanism that makes it say "Mama" instead of the squeaks most of my soft doll collection has! Then, on the right, is a Takara Magnemo Pinocchio. I've been trying to search for one, since having my Mig. Pino. This poor pinocchio is missing one leg. But I got him for like less than 600yen! He is also missing his red hat and plastic outfit. Still he is such a cutie I didn't want to leave him. So, I bidded on him and won! These two items will be added to my collection.

The doll on the cover of the book, I am still searching for. My latest soft doll on the right! Almost similar...

I also wanted to share these yummy sugar candy/Konpeito from Japan. They've been seen in "Spirited Away" and most probably remember them as a child. I know I do. My youngest daughter loves to eat them! They taste just like rock candy to me!

Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

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